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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!
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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!


     This story is on loan. Now If you’ve ever met Portia, then you’ve probably wet yourself laughing at one of her tales from the escort crypt. If you haven’t then take a seat and get ready for a real tale of unbelievable hilarity.


     Ok I’m going to give you the fast track version of this tale otherwise we’ll be here forever going through all the cheeky details! I was a ripe 18year old at the time this occurred…..

     Once upon a time, when I was working as an escort I was sent to see a couple. They were quite a bit older than me, I’d say mid 50’s and very elegant and sophisticated, both of them. Him tall with salt and pepper hair, her the embodiment of Coco Chanel. We spent a night together and they invited me to come to their home in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. The thing was they wanted me to bring a friend, a lady of my choice but one that was new to the threesome tango, well, foursome to be more precise.

     The following week my friend Julie and i were driven to their home. We pulled up to a stunning two storey Tuscan style home overlooking the lit cityscape of Sydney. It was breathtaking and I could literally hear Julie’s heart pounding in her chest, not from awe but apprehension. I took a large wrought iron knocker in my tiny hand and banged on the huge hand-carved door. I was expecting to be greeted by the glamour-puss couple, I expected wrongly. A young handsome male opened the door and introduced himself as blah and blahs son, yep their son. He invited us into a huge Spanish style hallway which led into a beautifully tiled kitchen, all terracotta and terrazzo. He offered us a glass of decanted red, I don’t drink red wine and Julie drank nothing at all. We opted for some juice, could this get more awkward, 18 and sipping apple juice from a wine glass in a grand kitchen in Vaucluse…probably not.

     Mathew, let’s just call him Mathew, told us his parents wouldn’t be long and asked how long we’d known his parents. Um, how do you respond to that question, I mean he couldn’t possibly think we were “friends” of his parents, no he didn’t. My discomfort must have been palpable because he immediately stated he understood the situation but asked the question to fill an uncomfortable silence, how polite. Meanwhile poor Julie has retreated into a figurative tortoise shell due to fear. God, honestly what are these two doing, we’d been sitting there for over 30 minutes chatting idly to each other while the son loomed over us with his wine glass. I was in desperate need of a bathroom, the couple liked to party and thank goodness for that because we definitely needed encouragement!

     Finally, the moment has arrived, our hosts waltz out of a bedroom to the right of us, in all their splendour dressed in fine dinner wear. Why dinner wear, because they were about to feast on some fresh young meat! We had a light conversation, they asked how we were, there were random introductions and chinking of glasses. And then, like lambs to the slaughter we were led into the bedroom. My immediate thoughts went to Mathew, what was he going to be doing while his parents were fucking us and snorting coke off our supple bodies? Those thoughts were instantly diminished by the sight of two quite large, white fluffy dogs bounding up to us as we walked into the bedroom. Ok that’s cool they have two cute fluff balls, that’s great I love dogs. My couple introduce the dogs to us and tell us they’ll be staying in the room with us because they can’t bear to be without their mummy and daddy, eccentric much? How do you react to that, I say “hey that’s fine as long as they don’t join us on the bed”…..all while I laugh nervously.

     We start with Julie and I undressing each other and hungrily lapping at every sumptuous part of each other. My couple watches on, I’ve never seen someone look so elegant as they masturbate. He gets off the bed and separates us, Julie is led over to my lady while I’m enveloped in his arms and bent over to be nuzzled form behind. We watch Julie being gently savaged and I’m enjoying a fantastic licking. Next scene I’m being pounded from behind as I embed my face in Julie’s moist cunt and my lady fucks her sopping wet puss with an enormous dildo, perfect porn scene! Problem, the dogs, one of them jumps on the bed, thankfully I’m not on it. You would think my couple would immediately shoo them out of the room, no, they laugh instead and he says “oh how cute they want to join in” ….no, no not cute, horrifying, yes!

     Things are rolling on nicely, everyone’s having a fabulous old time, lots of raunch and sex and amazing foreplay. Everyone’s all over each other and then there’s the dogs…. always watching. Every time I roll over I see them wagging their tails and salivating, major turn off! So we’re about half way through our five hour booking now, by this stage we are all feeling amazing…orgasms for all!!! Now we’re just playing with each other, things are settling down to a chilled out atmosphere. I lay my lady down and start giving her a sensual massage, sliding my body all over hers, engulfing her tiny frame in the heat of my body. She starts purring so I roll her over and run my tongue down the full length of her figure, starting at her mouth ending at her lush pussy. I’m bent over on all fours on the bed, my tongue is working its magic on my lady’s clit while I finger her wet swollen cunt leaving myself enough room to finger my own swollen clit. As she starts to climax all over my face I feel a hot tongue on my asshole, I’m so in the moment it takes me a little time to realise it doesn’t feel right. I stop, I turn my head around, what do you think I see? There’s a fluffy white face at my arse and a rough pink tongue on my asshole!!! What the F*#k…..i literally jump in the air, off the bed and into the bathroom. I can hear laughing outside, let me tell you there was no laughing happening in that bathroom, lots of swearing, no laughing.

     So it took some bestiality to occur before my couple ushered their dogs out of the bedroom. I am naturally traumatised and console myself by getting more wasted than I already am….woe is me, woe is me. Funnily enough the momentum and atmosphere never changes, we’re all flying high and still having a blast. We leave in good spirits and I end up having a long relationship with this couple, seeing them on a regular basis, without their dogs!

     Funny story, traumatic experience, it was a long time before I could look at another dog again! If only you knew how frequently weird things happen to me on my jobs, sometimes I cry with laughter and other times I have no words, truly, no words except…it could only happen to me…..LOL.


Poor Miss Portia….thank you for baring all, literally…hahaha!


Love Lexi XXX