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Between Emotional Highs - PMS and The Dry Spell Dilemma

Between Emotional Highs - PMS and The Dry Spell Dilemma

Hey there, lovers! Missed me?? —I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of adventures. But I'm back and my post de jour is about ‘the male pms’. This is just in time for the festive breaks to make sure everyone is in a good mood.

A personal revelation sparked by a mini social experiment. I’ve stumbled upon a little truth while observing the effects of, shall we say, a lack of bedroom activities on certain individuals (myself included). I say truth because it is somewhat common knowledge but people in general give very little weight to it.

It is particularly evident in this part of the year, when everyone is co crazy-busy and tensions are running high as it is. It just seems that on the collective, the people are forgetting to indulge in bedroom fun, of any kind. Yes, babe, pegging especially ;)

To me there are two types of guys, the monks the spiritual masters, that have achieved the higher state of consciousness through celibacy. It is their optimal lifestyle to support their spiritual believes. I mean, I do wonder about them too. How true is the story we are sold. Right, so that’s one type - the monks, the overachievers, the boring types. And type two the second category is pretty much everyone else, is healthy, developed and sexually active. We do not want to deny nature, hunnies, before nature will deny us!

Here's the scoop: there's this curious link between guys left in a dry spell and the incredible hulk moments of irrationality they can exhibit. And guess what? It's not just my observation. Science backs it up—apparently, the buildup of testosterone in guys can do a little number on their decision-making skills, making them a tad 'out there.' Sound familiar, ladies? Yeah, déjà vu!

Let's check into the emotional rollercoaster, shall we? Ever witnessed a seemingly normal guy morph into a grumpy, impatient version of themselves? Yup, I’ve seen that all of month November. It's like they're taking a page from the PMS handbook. A month long PMS! I’m screaming out for HELP! The emotional fireworks, the short fuse, the irrationality—it's a show you don't want front-row seats for. You guys say we are bad during PMS, but have you seen yourselves during sex absence?

I've seen friends act totally out of character, only to discover it was due to their lack of intimacy. After some quality time between the sheets, they magically reverted to their usual lovable selves. Talk about sex therapy!

So, that’s my two cents for the coupled ones out there: keep the ✨fires✨ burning on a regular before delving into other possible issues in your persona or relationship consider f#cking their brains out as often as possible. Regular doses of bedroom sessions might just be the secret sauce to keep that emotional equilibrium intact. Keep your hormonal balances healthy and in general be fit.

But, for those rolling solo, here is PRO tip! RPM awaits. A little bit of TLC and self-care can work wonders. And what better way to hit the reset button than a trip to RPM Massage Centre? Trust me, a bit of temporary relief could be just what the doctor ordered.

Remember, my horny bunch, whether it's navigating the emotional labyrinth of PMS or the aftermath of a dry spell, we're all in this together. So, let's laugh, love, and occasionally indulge in a bit of self-care. After all, life's too short for unnecessary emotional rollercoasters.

Ready to reclaim your sanity? Come on over to Nirvana and let's give those emotions a well-deserved break. Trust me, you'll thank yourself later. Cheers to smoother emotional rides ahead!


Lexi, XX

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