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How to Unwind Like a Sexy City Siren: Lexi's Guide to Letting Loose!

How to Unwind Like a Sexy City Siren: Lexi's Guide to Letting Loose!

Hey there, fabulous bunch! As we're gliding towards the end of September, we're on the home stretch of this year. And you know what that means? We're all stuck in fight-or-flight mode until December hits and then it's a whirlwind of festivities. Blink and you might just miss it. Then immediately we r back to the fight-or-flight mode! But why is that? Well, honeys, it's not because we're all suffering from a lack of bedroom action 😈 but rather because this whole "fight or flight" lifestyle has become the status quo in our vibrant city.

You see, it's often easier to brace ourselves for stressful situations than to gracefully unwind afterward. Society tells us to "toughen up," "be a man" "don't be so sensitive" and to "suck it up" 🙄
Ok, let's say we've toughened up and handled the chaos. What next? How do we return to our fabulous selves after enduring prolonged stress?

The tricky part is that media, books, films and even art tend to gloss over the nitty-gritty of bouncing back from life's relentless punches. We get the edited version: "Here's me bawling my eyes out in my bathtub," and then cut to five years later, "Carefree Baller cruising in my g-wagon." But what happened in those five years? How did they regain their emotional footing? How did they conquer the PTSD induced by prolonged stress? We're generally missing that part.

So, what are our typical go-tos for unwinding after a tough-time period? Shopping? Massages? Well, of course, there's sex (always an option), gambling, alcohol, and more. A change of scenery, a new hobby, decluttering, hitting the gym—these can all help. But what works for one may not work for all.

I'm all for sports, indulging in delicious treats, and life's little pleasures. However, sometimes that's not quite enough. Sometimes we need to talk it out, whether with a therapist, a compassionate friend, or even a stranger willing to lend an ear. Nothing like a good, long D&M in a company of a gorgeous female (hired or otherwise) over a couple of sharpeners, right boys ;)? Emptying our minds of the stress is essential, my loves, so we can truly relax and shed that heavy emotional baggage. Remember, mental health matters just as much as physical health.

Think of it like this: a tense muscle doesn't relax on its own after a long haul. It needs massages, specific exercises, sometimes even meds. Mental tension follows the same rule.
Personally, I pick a relaxing holiday with all the trimmings (yes, a little gambling fun is on my menu + my drug of choice is Love).

But if you can't jet off to a tropical paradise to rediscover your relaxed self after a prolonged bout of "fight or flight," then it's high time you concoct your very own recipe for relaxation.

Erotic Massages in Sydney are often a universal remedy, and you'll find a trove of fabulous options right at your doorstep, or brought to you (your door-step) by the incredible masseuses at Michelle's.

We city dwellers live fast-paced lives, especially in the wake of the havoc wreaked by Covid ect, so it's incredibly crucial to look after yourselves. Keep your mental health in tip-top shape. Love fiercely and take care of one another. Don't forget to indulge in some seriously good lovin', and hydrate like it's your job. Cheers to unwinding, darling. Until next time!

Lexi, XX

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