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Tantric massage

Tantric massage

     Tantric massage is both an art and a homeopathic skill. It is both relaxing and spiritual. This is a guide to understand tantric a little more and begin practising it at home. Using both energy and chakras (your centres of energy in the body) you can be relaxed to a state of physical boundaries being dissolved. Tantric massage is not a quick experience. One should not stress about the time during the massage. The experience should be about total relaxation, from the environment to experience. The goal is not to orgasm but to pleasure. Some people need to learn to “give” while others need to learn how to “receive” Learn more about How to Receive Oral here. To really tap into the sensations of your body and experience something similar to Sensate focus.
Time disappears, physical boundaries dissolve, problems are no longer important and you fall into a sensual trance. This is not surprising considering tantric massage is considered a path to enlightenment and mental clarity similar to yoga. Now we understand the basics of tantric massage, let's understand the types of tantric massage. 
Tantric massage is not just focused on the massage but also on the genital area. For females, it is called “Yoni” massage and males “Lingam” massage. Read our upcoming article How to give a Tantric Massage!

 Who should get a tantric massage?

  • Single men and women of any sexual orientation
  • Couples and life partners expanding their love experience together
  • Businesspeople and others with stressful lifestyles
  • A housewife, stay at home dad, full-time worker or someone who just needs pampering.
  • People who are learning about their spiritual self
  • Those who want to become more aware and in control of their sexual ability. 

     Whatever your reason, if you want to experience a tantric massage head-on in today to Nirvana, at Michelles, or RPM. Stay tuned for How to give a Tantric Massage
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