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What Women Want from Men

What Women Want from Men

Just a few tips of what women want from men.

   Before we get into the particulars, let’s start with the basics:

  • Basic hygiene, 
  • more than one pair of jeans and a few t-shirts,
  • a clean toilet.

     Now that we have that covered. Let's move onto the specifics of what women want from men. 

    Your bathroom is a direct representation of your cleanliness. If the toilet is stained it’s not a good look. Even worse, if your shower is dirty and has no products in it we will question whether or not your parents taught you how to look after yourself. 
     When I walk into your bathroom I want to see hand soap, stacks of clean, fluffy towels, a toothbrush, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. You know that feeling you get when you walk into your friends for a game and they’ve set up nachos, beers and a game console for half-time? I want to feel that when I walk into your bathroom. Bonus points if there are candles and bath bombs. 
Use fabric softener.
     There is just something so adult about a man who has soft linens. 
Shave and then don’t shave.
     The fact that you can change your face so easily over the course of a week is amazing. The ability to feel the different textures on my skin is something I want to work out with you! What tickles, what itches, what do I prefer best? Bonus points if you try to match my preference on your beard up to our next meeting.
Smell like something.
      I’m okay with the smell of sweat especially after some hard work in the garden on in bed. However, if you smell like a forest, a tree or a season that’s even better. Find a scent that encapsulates you and wear it around me. That way after you’ve left the smell will linger for a bit and remind me of the intimate moments we just shared.
Hands are a tough one. 
     Your hands should never be as soft as mine, yet I don’t want them to feel like sandpaper over my skin. If they’re too dry use a lotion, if they’re too soft, build me something or climb a mountain. 
Introduce us!
     We don’t need to be introduced as your one night stand, the girl you’ve been banging for two weeks or your girlfriend. But at least say our name to whoever we have run into. 
Open the door for us.
     Now I don't mean make us wait in the car for you to run around to open our door. Although the gesture is cute its not practical. However, if it's ever convenient or just out of your way it is really appreciated. It feels nice to walk into a place and know the person you are with is walking in with you. 
Be open and suggestive when ordering food!
     When we are ordering food together it might take a while for us… mainly me, to reach a decision. During this time be patient, open and even suggest places for us to go. Even better, say “Surprise! Guess where we are going for dinner tonight?” and Whatever place I say is where we are going! Decision made. 
Offer to pay
     And be prepared to pay too. Now not everyone expects males to pay, increasingly today women opt to go dutch and split the bill. Personally, I know many women even front the bill entirely.
However, the gesture rings true to age-old stereotypes. Women like to know that there is a level of security there… just in case there is a future. 
Give us a massage without expecting sex.
     Sometimes it’d be nice to get a massage that’s not entirely focused on my ass, thighs and boobs. Rather than feeling like an object for your exploration and enjoyment, let me enjoy my massage and not have to try and perform or feel sexy. I want to feel like a bowl of jelly by the end of it. 
Give us fashion advice.
     When we ask what you prefer, tell us even if you’re unsure. Remember it never means we will take the advice… but it’s nice to know you care enough to try. 
Kiss us.
Ultimately we love when men initiate contact, especially when we have already been there, done that. Show us that we are wanted, show us that you desire us, show us you can’t resist. 

Lexi, XX

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