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Knock Knock, Who's there?

Knock Knock, Who's there?

     When you enter an establishment, usually you are guided into a waiting room or area and the women are asked to come and do a ‘line up’. You pick out who girl visually appeals to you, usually without much of an introduction.
     At RPM, Michels and Nirvana, we allocate each lady a room for the shift. This provides the women with the confidence of knowing their room is cleaned and maintained throughout their shift to their expectations. It also means that clients are able to greet each lady individually in the privacy of their room.
     Upon arrival, you will be handed a list of all the girls available at that time. You will walk around the hallways to each room, knocking and waiting to be greeted by the ladies. When they open their door they will introduce themselves, explain what they're like in their massage or their personality and then ask if you have anything if you would like to ask them. 

Take this opportunity to ask any particulars. Some good ones to know include:

Can I touch you during the massage? 
Do you do many body slides?   
Do you get under the table?
Do you do Nuru massage, tantric massage, sensate focus, strip dancing or twerk?
Are you shaved or waxed?
What is your heritage?
What is your age?
How long have you done massage?
Would you let me massage you?
Do you want me to book you?

Talk is key

     Ask about any fantasy you have and take advantage of the private room set up. It can be shocking being alone with so many women one after another in lingerie. However, now is your chance to get to know how they mesh with you, before being in a room together for over half an hour. 
     If there are two ladies who are you’re type and you can’t decide you can always talk to the receptionist. They can help you make the right choice as they've helped many clients decide between girls who are similar, yet in the massage can be described as  “like chalk and cheese.” It’s important to be able to communicate - sometimes even if that means choosing someone different to usual. 

Knock Knock, Who's there? Is the best way to ensure you can meet your masseuse and the best possible match!
Happy knocking, 
Lexi XX

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