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Online Dating Red Flags

Online Dating Red Flags

When chatting online there are a few things to consider before making the transition to real life meets. Below are a few steps to guide you through the process of love hunting and some tips for meeting safely.

When chatting:

  1. Ensure you have a social media account that is active, either their Facebook or Instagram. Check for authentic use - are the interactions from others real? Are their friends real? Check to see if they have a LinkedIn. Does their profile match up to what they say their job is?
  2. Reverse image search their pictures to see where else they turn up on the web, if their photos turn up on a profile with a different name - you’ve been catfished.
  3. Never give out any personal information such as bank details, address or answer questions such as your first primary school or job. These are all flags for identity theft.
  4. Never be tricked into buying someone a gift card, credit or anything of the like to continue talking to them, this is a scam.
  5. Be careful in conversation and look for warning signs, if they’re offering to shower you with gifts, sending screen grabs of large bank account numbers of constantly showing off to you, be careful. Someone who makes it look like they have it all may really have nothing at all. On the flip side of someone misleading you through gifts, there are the con-artists who will drain you of both your time, your property and your dignity. Like any relationship, make sure you’re both giving and taking equally.


When meeting:

  1. Always plan to meet in public, ensure someone knows where you are and send your location to a friend or relative on Facebook or through apps such as Bsafe.
  2. Avoid planning a long date for your first meet. Start with something simple like coffee and then see how it goes from there. That way you can bail if it’s not a match or continue if you’re feeling it.
  3. When on a date if at anytime feeling uncomfortable ask for Angela. This is an initiative to alert bar and restaurant staff to the fact that you’re uncomfortable on a date.


If you have suspicions about a user report them to the service, and if you have any evidence from your interactions with them send through these as proof. Also, help out by signing the petition to help make Catfishing a Crime.

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