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MODERN DATING Tinder and Netflix

MODERN DATING Tinder and Netflix

 MODERN DATING Tinder and Netflix has altered the landscape of intimacy, make sure you're aware! The modern dating scene is as varied as it is personal, yet trends and societal changes have an impact on our intimate relationships. In years past it would be normal to have your first date in public such as a restaurant, movie theatre or something adventurous like rock climbing. Nowadays, its commonplace to have an early “meeting” or “date” to be as simple as going to the others place, loading up Netflix and chilling out. I want to weigh up the pros and cons and figure out if modern dating is doing it right?

 First and foremost, online dating has changed our interactions. No longer do you need to fluff around, you can get right to the facts. I’m here for sex, I’m here for love, I’m seeking a side chick. The ability to simply log onto Tinder and other dating sites to sift through countless intimate opportunities to find one that matches your requirements has made it increasingly easier to see what else is available. This means many relationships are passed on when they get too tough or serious as there is another one just one swipe away.

 Tinder Crimes

 Meeting online has its advantages, including how easy it is to be honest with a stranger behind a screen. However, there are considerable risks that every day love seekers have fallen for. Stories involving deceit, health risks, scamming and even assault have appeared over the news linked to various dating websites. Making it is common practice for police to respond to “tinder crimes,” as you’re often sharing intimate information and experiences with people you’ve spoken to online for less than a few weeks. It's crucial when navigating the web for love to be safe. Think of meeting people online as a risky business, one you must do your due diligence on. To avoid deceit and danger,  you must ensure you can trust the person you’re speaking to. An excellent way to do that is to reverse search profile images to see where else they appear on the web or even ask for social media that you can see is authentic and speak to them directly through that account.

 So they’re real, now what?

 I’m only in my mid-twenties, and I’ve noticed the shift on a bigger scheme from a few initial dates before any full-on intimacy, to needing to put out to know if it’s worthwhile. While it used to be three dates for a fuck, it’s now three fucks, and you’re lucky to be taken on a date.  Today, modern couples are often established through a heavy schedule of hanging out together in private, ordering delivery and streaming entertainment. 

 If you need to be chill, Netflix and chill. If you need someone who will make you feel special as much as you will them, voice it. Never expect someone you met online under the guise of a “hookup” to know what you want from them or when, unless you express it. I personally feel some of the best friendships can be formed at home, but if you’re not comfortable with each other in public, there are some things that you may want to question.

How long am I planning to be with this person?
Do I need a relationship right now?
Are we only comfortable in private?
Does either one of us want to take this public?

 Equal Players

 Women are becoming significant players in the game of love, which can often leave men scrambling to figure out what to do next. When I was growing up, women spoke of seeing one man, as I grew older, almost every girl I knew had a “roster” of men they met at their convenience. Many women didn’t want to get too serious with men, preferring to focus on themselves instead. The fact that women will leave a relationship when the sex isn't adequate makes me wonder how men are responding to this change.

 Movements like “me too” and the calling out of abusers in any industry places men and women both as the lead dancer when it comes to the dance of love. No longer do women wait to be noticed instead, noticing men and making their own moves.
Are the rules changing or is the playing field shifting?
Can you still court a girl in the old manner, or should you just get a subscription and download Tinder?
Or are the relationships formed on websites such as Tinder (unless explicitly stating seeking marriage, love etc.) more casual?
Are the people seeking these relationships content to find a sex-friend?
Are we valuing our intimate relationships less, or just more relaxed about them as it is acceptable to have many more of them throughout your life these days?

 It depends on your life cycle: sometimes having a casual fuck buddy is all we need as we are satisfied in other areas of our life, other times we want someone to comfort us and be comforted in, or we need someone to push us and not let us make excuses. So long as you know where you’re at, and you’re able to communicate that with your partner, you’re going to be okay.

 It is Ultimately Your Love Life.

 At the end of the day, it's about you, and your intentions and what you’re willing to settle for. If you can't find the “one”, maybe you can find the “one for right now.” And I feel that's what a lot of these young relationships are, just for “right now” not the “right one.” Personally, I’d like to see a shift back to courting, and away from streaming, especially if you’re looking for something serious. If one of the best parts of a relationship is the start, as that is where all the excitement, tingles and nervousness lies, why do we spend that hidden? Why go straight to someone's house and get right to the endgame, when the chase is the exciting part?

 Value the chase and capture, don't waste it streaming. You’re better off heading outdoors somewhere the two of you can experience the world alone together, going to a fancy restaurant, Gold Class Cinemas instead of paying for delivery and streaming. It doesn’t mean you want to marry someone, just that you want to make it known to them how special they are and what they deserve. When you get back home and finally stream something for white noise, it’s merely that -  a background to the much anticipated ending of your date. Sex is always better when there's more than just sex and tv as a formation for a relationship.

Being aware of MODERN DATING Tinder and Netflix and the changes the intimacy is the key to being successful in love and sex. Read Online Dating Red Flags to be aware of the risks of online dating. 

Lexi XX

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