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Nuru Vs Body Slide

Nuru Vs Body Slide

 Nuru Vs Body Slide is a big debate within the erotic massage industry. I was pretty shocked when I was doing advanced research into punters forums to see Nuru massage being sold as a “step up” from a Body Slide massage, something more exciting if you’re an experienced massage parlour visit. I would honestly say that unless you’re getting Nuru from a provider who has years of experience, a high fitness level or is in Japan… you’re getting a high energy Body Slide with a gel instead of oil.  

 I’m going out on a limb here, but I would describe Body Slide massage as a western take on Nuru massage. The first time I loaded a Nuru porn I was stunned to see that most of the massage itself was quite similar to what I do during Body Slide massages (obviously apart from the unsafe sex that is practiced in all porn). Of course, it was a little more high intensity and she slipped a bit farther, but other than that the movements were quite similar and the premise of teasing, gliding and tantalizing before climaxing with the most deserving and intense orgasm.

So they’re similar, but what’s the difference then?

 Both types of massages have their pros and cons as well as similarities. You can always get experimental in a Body Slide massage and ask your masseuse to get under the table, try out a fantasy or Nuru Massage, but first, you should know the differences and necessary adjustments.

The main difference would be the gel  

 A body-to-body massage typically uses oil, which provides more friction, while a Nuru massage uses a specialised gel. This gel is made from Nori, a brown seaweed, which creates a product so slippery there’s hardly any friction, allowing the masseuse to slide more seamlessly over you. When adding water, the gel becomes thick and sticky allowing the masseuse to slide while being almost suctioned to your skin.

Less hand, more body

 Some masseuses offer a therapeutic massage or use their hands, as opposed to their body, during an erotic or Body Slide massage. Nuru masseuses do the same but they do focus on getting their whole body involved as opposed to featuring their hands. The masseuse uses her chest and entire body to slide and press against their client, applying pressure for a massage and delighting the senses through full body contact.

Massage Table Instead of Mattress

 Nuru is usually performed on a blow-up mattress or a large “adult” kiddy pool, whereas erotic massage and Body Slide are usually performed on a massage table.  Some adjustments must be made to perform Nuru in a massage parlour safely. You’re raised off the floor and the table is smaller than a mattress. However, the table does provide the benefit of allowing some penis play under the table before continuing the massage on the front.

 Nuru has been described as better than sex because it involves the whole body. I would argue the same thing about a Body Slide massage. Both massages involve using the entire body, legs, arms, hands and chest to massage and apply pressure. If you gave a Body Slide masseuse Nuru gel and a second to adjust to the slipperiness, I believe she would be on her way, gliding about on men like the star she is.

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To understand more about the difference between Nuru vs Bodyslide check out:

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