Ok so before you get your lover to try using your back entrance make sure you douche thoroughly. What’s a douche you ask, well it’s a piece of equipment you use to clean out your pipes. Super important especially if this is your first time, we don’t want to horrify your lover by producing a choc top when he pulls out do we?  So you can buy a douche online or at the chemist, don’t be shy to ask the person at the counter, remember they are professionals.

     There are two positions you can try that will make the experience a little more comfortable. First one is laying on your back. Grab a pillow & place it under your lower back lifting your buttocks up a bit. Lift your legs up to rest them on your lover’s shoulders just like you would with regular missionary. Your lifted up booty will make it easier for your lover to enter you & give you some extra back support.

      Second one is a little raunchier. If you’ve got a dressing mirror on a wall or behind a door use that otherwise just use the wall. So grab a chair & place it about a metre away from the wall.  Sit your lover down & sit on their lap in a reverse cowgirl/cowboy position using the mirror or wall for support to lean on while you bounce that ass up & down. The mirror is great to use as you can both watch yourselves while doing the deed. Oh & don’t forget to use plenty of lube as you may well know there’s not much natural lubrication in that area if you know what I mean.




Explore a little, give it a try you might just love it.




Love Lexi XX