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 It's the afternoon, stressful day. I have a little over an hour to myself before home time. I decide today is the day to indulge in my monthly ritual. I walk through the front door, feels so familiar, that's what I like everything makes perfect sense here. The usual sequence of events ensues, I get given my list, I knock on door after door greeted by a bevy of stunning women, then I reach room 4 & Its different. She opens the door with the warmest of smiles, the rooms dimly lit. I'm a little speechless & for the first time, which is more than a bit unnerving, I'm intimidated. She leans forward & lands a kiss on my cheek, she starts talking, describing her service I think but I can't hear anything & suddenly I'm being shuffled out of the room being told to go meet everyone else. I'm stumbling around not really concentrating on anything the other ladies are telling me, my minds clouded with her image. I end up back at her door, before I even get a chance to knock I hear her say "come in" as though she sensed I was there & somehow knew I'd be back. I walk in & she's standing by the table, first thing out of my mouth "so do you come here often?....so cheesy I could slap myself. I suppose at this point I should describe her...she's of medium height but her heels add a couple of inches, her legs are toned with really defined calves, I think dancer. Her shoulders are broad, she later tells me she was a swimmer, they are the same width as her hips perfect hourglass proportions, she has a soft feminine belly along with a tiny waist. I can see the shape of her breasts through her mesh bra, a firm handful with the perkiest nipples nestled in the centre of the most perfectly round areoles. I catch glimpse of her ass in the mirror,a full firm perfect peach shaped ass, I have to force myself from letting my imagination run away with the thoughts of all the things I could do to that ass. She has sharp features with well defined cheekbones, full pouting lips & the most incredibly intense feline looking eyes, all set on top of a swanlike neck. She's definitely striking but there's something more about her, her sex appeal is insane.

I'm told to go have a shower & come back, when I do the lights have been dimmed right down some candles lit & there's really good chilled out music playing in the background. I notice she's only taken her bra off, I ask her if she's gonna take the rest off & she assures me all in good time & asks me to lay down on my stomach & make myself comfy. So I do, I face down & close my eyes. She starts massaging my neck while she stands at the head of the table, she bends down for a second & her breath is warm on my neck as she gently licks it. That sends shivers running through my whole body but then nothing, she doesn't continue & carries on with the massage. What a prick tease but hey it's her show. Finally the massage seems to come to an end, I'm pretty anxious by this stage especially as I haven't been watching her I've only been sensing her presence. Out of nowhere she's breathing on my neck again licking my ear, she starts scraping her nails down the side of my torso till she gets to my hips, she reaches under me and grabs my hip close to my crotch which drives me insane I just want her to touch my cock. Then she starts licking my hips as she scrapes her nails on the inner part of  my thighs just to the side of my balls, I'm rock hard by now & throbbing. I'm concentrating so hard on what she's doing to me I haven't even thought about opening my eyes or touching her yet. Still hasn't touched my cock instead she's gliding her tits all over my ass & back now & I've got to look up & watch her now. I'm glad I waited all this time to open my eyes, she's moving her body like a Jaguar on a hunt crawling all over me, she's watching herself in the mirror while she does this & looks like she's enjoying herself as if I don't exist & it's just her & the mirror. This just turns me on even more. Then she jumps off & walks back to the head  of the table, she faces the mirror & bends over slightly, her ass is right at my face as she parts her legs & slips her hand into her panties. Even though I can't exactly see what she's doing I know she's fingering herself, she pulls her fingers out & licks them seductively while she looks at me in the reflection of the mirror. My mind is blown!! She walks over to the side of the table & pulls me up by the hand & with a bit of force shoves me up against the mirror, she presses her body against mine grinding her crotch against my cock, & yes she's still got her panties on, she kisses me full on the mouth sucking & licking my lips as she grinds away but she won't let me kiss her back. I can't believe how turned on I am especially as she still hasn't touched my cock with her hands at all!! Next she's licking my nipples, then down my chest till she ends up on her knees facing my shaft head on & starts lapping at my inner thighs all the way to my balls. I stifle a moan as she puts them in her mouth & I'm anticipating her taking my throbbing shaft in her moist mouth, I almost cry when she doesn't, instead she's licking her fingers that sit along the length of my cock grinning at me while she stares up into my eyes. I call her a bitch & she laughs out loud, oh my god I think I'm in love. She turns around placing her palms on the table & bends over then grabs my hand shoving it into her pants, she's hot & soaking wet to the touch &a driving me crazy. Before I know it she's guiding my fingers inside her & literally starts fucking them cumming all over my hand, what the fuck just happened here?!!! Before I even have time to register what just happened she's thrown me back onto the table as she climbs up & stands up on the table with my chest between her legs facing her back to me. I'm basically left looking up her legs at her ass & what would be her pussy if she'd take those fucking pants off! I'm getting pretty frustrated that she won't get naked & then she surprises me by doing a strip tease tugging at her g-string as she rubs & reveals bits of her pussy. She finally bends all the way over & pulls them off kicking them to the side as she stands back up then she's playing with herself & moaning, she turns around walks up a few steps to my head & straddles my face. Her pussy sits just above my lips, close enough for her to drip on me, I can feel the heat coming off her & she smells so sweet as she winks down at me & asks "was it worth the wait"....um fuck yeah it was!! She giggles & stands back up & walks down till she's standing over my crotch, she suddenly crouches down till she's straddling my cock reverse cowgirl but with a difference, she's not sitting on my cock it's resting up against her ass cheeks behind her. Now before I go any further  I feel as though I should defend myself somewhat. I'm not a one minute kind of guy if you get what I'm saying but the build up this chicks put me through has been such a tease, so intense, so unexpected & I'm not even going into full details, so put yourself in my shoes in the moment & see if you could have taken much more?! Ok so my cocks resting on her cheeks slightly nestled against her crack, she finally grabs my cock in her hands & I feel like blowing then & there but luckily manage to keep control of myself. So she's straddling me, reverse cowgirl, hands behind her back cock at her cheeks, both hands wrapped around my shaft, one at the base one at my knob, she starts bouncing up & down while wanking me to the rhythm of her riding. All my senses are on fire, she's moaning telling me to come on her ass, I don't know where to look, in front of me, in the mirror, close my eyes, I don't know what to do. Honestly I could be inside her at this point,  her hands feel amazing, not you're average hand job. My heads spinning, she's still riding & moaning enticing me to cum....& I do, I explode all over her ass. This girls phenomenal, she doesn't immediately jump off, she smiles at me rubbing & stroking my cock while I ride out my orgasm. She wipes me down & comes over & kisses my cheek & asks me if I feel better now like she really cares. She closes my eyes, beckons me to relax & enjoy as she gives me a face & head massage which I've never been offered at a rub and tug before but I'm very glad she did. She really had that magic touch because I really could have fallen asleep then & there. 

So As all good things do, my time had come to an end. She scrubbed my back for me, helped me dress, had a great conversation & laugh then kissed me on my cheek as she told me she hoped I'd had a lovely time, yeah I was in love! I walked out of there feeling like a king, my head spinning wondering what the fuck just happened?!!! So you wonder why I keep coming back to my local rub and tug, that's why!!


From Jonathan by Lexi XX