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Looking for Adult Massage in Sydney? Best Places for Erotic & Sensual Body Rubs

When Dating, Flirting with Women is important. Flirting a form of communication between two people which gives a general indication that there interested in each other and wanting to take the courtship further, read on for some Tips on Flirting with women....

Where to meet Sexy women in Sydney?

  • It’s all in the mindset - It does take practice to change your mindset to become a naturally flirty guy. Always learn to be at your best self, assume she's attracted to you and approach a woman knowing you're going to win her attention. Even when you are in a relationship from day one until the very end, you should still always be that flirting type.
  • Smiling - When you're smiling and especially when you’re “smiling with your eyes”, it shows that you are friendly and charming and approachable.
  • Hip check or booty bump - If you're in a conversation with a woman and you're vibing and you're both laughing, my advice is to touch her arm or playfully “hip bump” her side, this creates tension, if she likes you she will most likely reciprocate.
  • Understate Compliments - So instead of telling her she’s beautiful, hold a cheeky smile and say something like “oh my God you ALMOST look like a goddess tonight...” playfully teasing her is recommended.
  • Smell her perfume -  “Is that your perfume I smell?” then she's mentally prepared for you to come into her personal space to smell her neck, hold yourself there for at least 3 seconds, this would get her used to you being in that close.

Lexi ~ Girl from Next Door :)

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