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     One of the very first things I’d do before even attempting to introduce a foot job to my partner would be to absolutely make sure my feet were totally presentable and manicured. Some men like natural toes some painted, but all like hygiene. As there’s always friction involved with any kind of body part touching another I’d recommend your nails we’re filed smoothly and any rough bits of skin removed. You wouldn’t want to be scratching your man’s penis would you.

     Another thing to think about is the kind of lube you’ll use. Yep you’ll need lots and lots of lube, you want there to be nice smooth gliding action, it’ll feel a whole lot better on his cock. I recommend water based lube as it will last longer before getting all sticky.

     So the easiest position to get into for foot wanking would be just to face each other while leaning back on your hands. Bend your knees to the side and put the soles of your feet together around your man’s penis. It’s easier to use your hips for the up and down motion rather than just your legs as they will get tired quicker that way, so definitely utilise those womanly, or manly, hips of yours. Also just to add a little bit more movement you can wriggle your toes while your wanking. Wriggling those toes of yours will feel like an extra little foot massage, get it?

     Eventually when you get much more involved with foot wanking you’ll develop your own sense of movement that’s comfortable for both of you. Now don’t be shy to incorporate foot play into your sex life. If you and your lover have a great connection and good communication he’ll be more than open to having your feet roaming all over him.



Happy wanking lovers!



Love Lexi XXX