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WHAT ARE PUBIC LICE? –Pubic lice are small, flat, light brown parasites that are partial to attaching themselves to the pubic hair. They retain nourishment by sucking on the hosts blood. This usually causes small red itchy sores. Pubic lice are more commonly known as crabs because of the way they move, like crabs. They’re usually caught by skin to skin contact during sexual intercourse, but can also be spread by contact with towels, undergarments and the bedding of an infected person. Crabs don’t actually cause any serious harm but they are an irritating affliction to have and do require treatment.

SYMPTOMS –The main symptom people with pubic lice experience is a quite intense and aggravating itching around the affected area. If you can imagine how itchy head lice are, you can certainly imagine what that would feel like around your pubic area. The itching can also be even worse at night. You can sometimes see the eggs and lice stuck to the pubic hair. However, some people strangely don’t experience symptoms and aren’t even aware they have crabs.

TREATMENT –Topical creams or lotions containing permethrin are recommended to be applied to the affected area is the most common form of treatment. Usually the whole body from neck to toes has to be treated.



What a nasty little creature the crab is, unless it’s the eating kind of course!



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