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     So why do women fake orgasms, speaking particularly about orgasms during penetrative sex. Well maybe it’s because of this little known fact, that only 20-25 percent of women can actually achieve orgasm with penetrative sex alone. Even though it’s quite easy for a woman to reach an orgasm by herself, it’s usually from clitoral stimulation, penetration is a totally different matter. Most of the time the women in relationships that find it difficult to reach climax can’t understand why that is and tend to end up feeling inadequate. On the contrary to their beliefs that there’s something wrong with them, there isn’t what so ever. It’s just how things are sometimes, not everyone is the same nor do our bodies function in the same way. At the same time men shouldn’t feel affronted or offended if their partners can’t seem to reach orgasm during sex either. Unfortunately, when men feel like their manhood and sexual prowess is being challenged, they can end up forcing guilt trips on their partners. In turn sometimes leaving the women with no choice but to fake orgasms just so they don’t end up hurting their lover’s feelings.

     There’s certainly things both partners can do to help lessen any hurt or shame. For one, because women often know their bodies more intimately and know exactly what feels better for them, they can actually help their partners by sharing these details with them. Working together on communication can do wonders for your sex life. What could be more pleasurable than exploring each other’s sexual likes and dislikes together till you reach the optimum sexual gratification together. Isn’t that the goal for lovers in the first place when it comes to bedroom antics?



Communication is key!




Love Lexi XXX