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     She sits next to me on the train every morning. Her hair smells of Gardenias on the mist of dawn, I imagine it feels like freshly spun silk. She answers her phone, her name is Anya, her voice holds the sexy huskiness you might get after early morning sex. She always smiles at me when I get on, I must be so familiar now. Her lips are full and sumptuous, I think about those lips wrapped around my cock when I’m at my desk. Her neck is long and elegant, almost swanlike like Audrey Hepburn’s. I have to constantly remind myself not to stare at her firm perky tits for too long, I don’t want to look like a creep. It’s hard though when she wears low cut dresses and lacy bras that show, always makes me want to move that lace aside to take a peek at what’s beneath.

     Sometime she wears short summer dresses, those are the days I pay real attention just in case she goes to cross her legs and reveals that lace downstairs, maybe even bare skin. On those mornings, I imagine getting down on my knees, lifting her dress, tugging her g-string down, parting her legs. I want her pussy to smell like cotton candy and taste like chocolate. Parting her lips with my tongue, sucking on her hard clit, looking up at her throwing her head back as she cums on my face. When she’s done she’d stand up, walk to the train doors, turn around, smile and say “same again tomorrow”.

     She’s real, everything about her is reality, all the embellishments my imagination, my perverted male sex drive giving me something to do on the mundane train ride to work. I take these thoughts with me to the office, straight to the toilet cubicle, straight to my hand and around my throbbing cock. Anya, my hot imaginary hussy helping me get through my boring corporate work days with her wet pussy, perky tits and full mouth. I love my train rides to work.


 What's your ride to work like? 


 Love Lexi XXX