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     One of the less publicly spoken about plastic surgery crazes is labiaplasty.  Now a lot of people might think that the external genitals of a woman are called the vagina but this is incorrect. The vagina is actually the tube or passage way on the inside. What you see on the outside is the vulva, and it’s the vulva that most women are wanting to surgically alter. The main parts of the vulva are the four labia or lips. The two outer ones are called the “labia majora” and the two smaller, the “labia minora”.  

     The number of women in Australia undergoing this surgery is on the increase, it’s also a procedure that is covered by Medicare. What is alarming is the rate at which young teenage girls are undergoing this procedure. Although parental permission for teenagers is required for the surgery, girls as young as fourteen are having this surgery done. It’s absolutely absurd to think that girls that young, girls that haven’t even had the chance to fully develop or discover who they are as yet, are feeling insecure about a part of their anatomy that may yet undergo more change.

     There are many reasons why women go ahead with such a procedure. Some women are unhappy with the appearance of their labia minora, thinking they’re too long, they protrude, they’re irregular or just ugly. Some women have experienced change after natural child birth. But the fact of the matter is that unless you’re experiencing pain or extreme inconvenience and discomfort there should really be no reason to undergo such extreme measures. I mean what exactly is a normal looking vulva, there is no such thing, we are all so uniquely different from one another and that is normal. There is no one set of female or male genitals that look alike, this is what makes us individuals, genitals aren’t intended to look identical. The main problem is the media creating insecurities in women about the way they should look, it’s just that they’ve gone one step further targeting our private bits now.

     Women have to understand that the reality is that if you see an image of a woman’s bits in a magazine, on television or even in pornography, the images have been distorted. It seems that anything that doesn’t look doll like is ugly or unacceptable. What grown woman would want to go through with butchering herself for the sake of a designer vagina if she knew she would ultimately end up looking like a child or have painful complications. These images are completely unrealistic and it seems like the health professionals and surgeons are playing on women’s insecurities. But the fact that there are little girls wanting to undergo labiaplasty is beyond my comprehension. We should be uplifting our children to allow growth and self exploration, instilling pride and an understanding of the gift it is to be a woman and helping them love themselves for who and how they are. To know that there are health professionals out there telling a child of 14 that their insecurities with their labia is justification for surgery is horrifying.

     Labiaplasty surgery can have lasting and damaging after effects such as infection, scarring and painful intercourse. Not to mention that the labia minora plays an important role for sexual response as it’s a highly sensitive sexual organ. It’s full of nerve endings and sensory receptors which are highly receptive to touch. The main function of the vulva is actually to give pleasure and it’s obvious that labiaplasty can have the potential to destroy these senses and also impede orgasmic response. There really has to be better education for girls out there so that they don’t end up growing up with the notion that if they don’t look like the female next to them that there is then something wrong with them and it can be fixed with surgery.

     Naturally there are complications with any kind of cosmetic surgery but labiaplasty in particular requires thorough investigation and thought before endeavouring to undergo such an extreme action. It can have life changing affects to your body and psyche, so please consider your choices carefully. Maybe talk to other women of your own age group, talk to women of an older age group, it may just put things into perspective a bit more.


Remember, always love who you are and who you grow to be.


Love Lexi XXX