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     So by my calculations men have seven keys points of contact that drives them insane when licked in those spots. Now I’m of the belief that absolutely every man has these key points & at least one of those areas will get them going & ready to play.

     First spot would be ears, now I’m not talking shoving your tongue down their ear canal, I’m talking about earlobes, they are a very notable sensual spot, the deliverance of heat from your breath so close to the mouth but yet so far is such a stimulating tease. Same goes for the neck, I’m pretty darn sure that everyone loves that spot being licked. Now some great spots to lick & titillate down below without actually going the whole hog & swallowing up some cock, are these. The hip bone, trust me it works, the inner thighs licking all the way up to the crotch. You know that spot where thigh meets groin, right next to the balls, yep that spot loves some licking. Best spot for the boys to be lapped up & licked is that bit of skin between the balls & asshole, don’t cringe people doing the licking, if your lovers clean & you’re horny then doing this is going to make him scream for mercy. Now for the slightly more adventurous, try the asshole itself. Now I’m not telling you to shove your tongue inside a sphincter, just around the outside, it feels amazing for both men & women & is fairly common these days as a foreplay move.

     So I also am of the belief that woman, have eight key lickable points. The earlobes, neck, hips, inner thighs & asshole are the same key points as the men we just have a couple of spots that differ from the men. Nipples, let’s talk about nipples, you either love or hate having them licked & caressed, if you love it then you’ll also love them nibbled on slightly, that’s one spot where teeth are sometimes appropriate. Some women also love their butt cheeks licked & played with, I know I do. Now this spot is a little bit obscure, behind the knee, yep licking behind the knee. Believe it or not when a woman is laying on her stomach & you start licking her from behind, licking behind her knee will send actual shivers all over her body, it’s slightly ticklish & feels utterly random leaving her intrigued.

     So there we have it, like I said I am in no doubt whatsoever that we all have the same handful of key licking points, & you can’t deny that you either love some or all of those sensual, erotic licking spots.


Enjoy lapping it up people, when licking think of me!


 Love Lexi XXX