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     I’m sure we can all agree that everyone loves to kiss, especially if the person you’re kissing is sensational right. Kissing is definitely an art form, some people just have the knack for it & others don’t. Hopefully those who don’t, can be taught. Personally my lips & tongue are directly wired to my clitoris & the action of kissing, the ignition key that gets me switched on & revved up.

     Sometimes it’s nice to kick things off with a slow, lingering & exploring kind of kiss. The kind you take your time with. This kind of kissing requires soft & gentle actions relaxing the tongue, because nobody likes their mouth invaded by a stiff pointed tongue stabbing itself in & out of your mouth like a lizard. Relax while you create that subtle slow dance in your partner’s mouth, taste your lover as you glide your tongue over theirs, gently suck on the top or bottom lip & take your time exploring that warm sweet orifice that is your lovers mouth. Go for long periods before coming up for air, gently envelop their tongue with your lips giving it a gentle suck. Disentangle yourself for a moment & pull away looking into your lover’s eyes, part their lips with your tongue & lick their lips from one end to the other. Grab their head in your hands & shove your tongue deeply into their mouth for a final embrace before ending the kiss.

     Some moments require much more intensity & ferocity. These kisses are for the moments you’ve just come home from work & barely have enough time to take your kit off because you just need to fuck right then & there. Grab your partner’s hair pulling their heads back, licking up their neck. Let go of their hair & grab their chin between your fingers & give them that “come fuck me look’” & start kissing them hard & fast. No subtlety here, just deep firm kissing, bite their top lip from time to time, it’s up to you whether you draw blood or not. In these moments you can be completely commanding. Make them open their mouth sticking their tongue out a little telling them not to move it while you make work of making love to their mouth while they’re entirely still, licking, sucking & biting. Suck on their protruding tongue as you would a cock. Let there be lots of saliva, licking off any overspill with savour akin to licking the nectar of life itself. With this kind of kissing there’ll be no doubt whatsoever as to what & how you want to be taken.


Sexy kisses from Lexi XXX