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The honesty of paid for intimacy.

The honesty of paid for intimacy

     With the rise of sugar babies, gift for sex exchanges and a changing landscape of intimacy, we must ask ourselves, where is the honesty of paid for intimacy? That's left to the professionals. Don’t bother with an amateur and a risky situation, our parlours are discreet and much more enjoyable. There is an old quote: “Whores are the most honest girls. They present the bill right away.” – Alberto Giacometti. Don’t get played - come play.
Intimacy for sale
    When we consider that the sex industry sells intimacy it's not hard to see the similarities between paid for intimacy and romantic intimacy. People trade all sorts of companionship for their lifestyle. Girls in bars use their looks to get free drinks, women actively work their goodies and sweetness to secure a discount or get off a ticket, and of course, there are the well known gold diggers and trophy wives who trade their companionship and intimacy for luxury lifestyles. Even wives can be allocated an allowance by their husband.
Gifts for sex, allowances and sugar babies.
    Growing on the allowance trend lies the sugar babies. They can include anything from a friendly companion which is quite rare, all the way through to gold diggers, trophy wives, paid for sex, but most often,  a very confusing and convoluted web of negotiations between well off men, scammers or tradies and sugar babies of all calibres. From law students to rich kids sustaining their lifestyle, sex workers to people who are more comfortable with the idea of gifts in exchange for sex.
Denial about work
    There are some in denial about their intimate life being a form of work, and accepting the cash as gifts. However, there is a divide between those who are public, discreet and those who are in denial. As workers advertise openly or are visible in brothels are parlours those who are in denials have to hang out in well-off places, looking beautiful and ready for conversation. They want to be spoiled and weird the framework of paid sex more so into a relationship format. It’s more of “Daddy, can I get a pony?”, than it is “500$ for the hour!” The dishonesty leads to confusion and leading on. If you want to play a game like that you’re welcome to come in and pretend with one of our beautiful and honest ladies.
Uncertain Arrangements
     The problem with many of these arrangements is that there is no honesty or transparency. From changing prices (or allowances) to obscure definitions of what is included in an arrangement. Some studies have shown that men on these websites are requesting all-natural services putting themselves and the young sugar babies who use these sites at risk. There are so many similarities between the sex industry and intimacy at large. There are women out there who trade sex and companionship for their lifestyle and security. Within the whorachy there are those that are paid, those give allowances and those with lifestyles. Most sex workers do something outside of intimate work. They are mothers, carers, career women, students or public and devoted to their craft.
Mind-Numbing and soul-crushing “lifestyle”
    Most sugar babies don't consider what they do work, it is a lifestyle. As such they do not have the same standards or boundaries as sex workers. Some may have higher standards, however, on the whole, most of the women have never experienced the adult industry and perform a lot of emotional labour and weeding out the creeps. Sadly this can be more time consuming than it would be to work, and often does not have the desired results. We spoke about sugar babies before in detail in Sugar Babe Meets Salty End The girls who do this sort of work devote much more time and energy to land a unicorn, however, there are plenty of horses and donkeys out there waiting to take them for a ride.
Honesty in paid for intimacy
     Sex workers get the same offers, yet they often turn them down due to the request of too much emotional labour and too little pay. Sex workers learn early on that they can afford their own car and they sure as hell don't need to give out their information such as the address of their house. Women in denial about their roles as sugar babies are not subject to bad reviews (both the babies and sugar daddies are often in denial about the fact they are purchasing intimacy) and don't need to rely on repeat customers - therefore the quality of service is unpredictable. Sex workers take their job seriously and strive to perform their best. They are actors as much as they are carers, therapists, lovers and mistresses. 
Salt daddies and psycho babies
    I've heard stories of sugar babies turning up at a males work and screaming in the foyer, calling their wives or stealing as much as $200,000. These women who pick up men in bars or online on sugar baby websites are often empty boxes, relying on their looks to secure an allowance and offering no professionalism or ethics of a worker. Sex workers are models, actresses, carers, therapists and lovers. Sugar babies could be this, but often they lead to drama, stress and financial losses. That's why terms such as “Salty” exist, as its common for the men using the site to skirt payment (the sugar) and instead provide salt (a great play on words considering semen is salty and most of the “daddies” request unprotected sex). 
Both babies and daddies are keen to con. 
     As there is no professionalism, the agreement reached between a sugar baby and daddy is often spoken about in loose terms with unclear understandings. Often these babies come with a blank price tag and no contract. You can have no idea how much you will get for your investment, what it will cost in the long run. There have been so many stories over the years of sugar babies blackmailing, drugging up their clients and more vs cases of call girls abusing client confidentiality and safety. In fact, some lawyers specialise in this sort of work Escortionists, Sugar Babies and Sex Scandals of the Uber Rich.
No discretion
    In the hypersexualised and sex-positive culture, we live in today many young women proudly proclaim that they are a dancer, sugar baby or more when talking to their daddies clients and friends. Revealing potentially damaging information that should have been kept discreet. 
Unsafe sugar 
     Irrespecitve of the difference between paid for intimacy and intimacy in denail this sort of arrangement has existed for as long as sex has. The sugar baby is just a modern rendition of paid for intimacy or gift for intimacy arrangements. With the aid of the internet finding young and willing women who are seeking a better lifestyle has become easier and more discreet than ever. However, problems still exist and the risks are high. I’d recommend finding your sugar within a massage parlour rather than risk it on the web.
See you soon sugar,
Lexi, XX

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