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4 Steps to longer sex

4 Steps to longer sex

     They say the trick to longer sex is to relax… not so easy. Well, today I have 4 steps to longer sex that will help you relax through conscious breathing. Let's treat sex as a sport and yourself as an athlete. We must build up the muscles used during sex, specifically those around the lungs.
     One of the first things you learn in training of any sport is how to breathe. Rhythmic breathing increases stamina pushes oxygen to your muscles and relaxes them. This allows for longer playtime and multiple orgasms. Here are the 4 steps to longer sex!
25-100 breaths.
     Lying on your back with your feet wide and comfortable place one hand on your belly and the other on your heart. Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your breaths. As you inhale your belly rises, then your heart hand, as you exhale it's the reverse. Be conscious of this and breathe in and out 25 times. Once you have mastered this build-up to 100 breaths. 
Rocking motion
     Now that we can consciously breathe we will add in some movement. As you consciously breathe begin to rock. To do this sit on your legs folded with your feet under your butt. Place your hands either on your knees or on your hips. Breathe in and bring your hips forward, breathe out and bring your hips back. Forward on the inhale, backwards on the exhale. Gradually your rocking speed will grow to match perfectly with your breath. This will help to build up your pelvic floor muscles and control. Do this for 25 breaths. 
Circular motion
     After rocking back and forth for 25 breaths begin to move in a circular motion for another 25 breaths. Move your ribcage over your pelvis as you inhale and exhale. Keep your legs and skin pressed against the ground.
Use this knowledge in the bedroom
     Sex, as a sport, requires a warm-up. Luckily for us all its a pleasurable one. Start with foreplay to build up body heat. Be conscious of your breath and stay tuned into your breathing during sex. Control your build-up to orgasm and back away instead of losing control. You can do this through your breath by slowing down your breathing, slowing down your motion and rhythm. Your body will recalibrate giving you more time to rebuild up to climax again. 
     Enjoy and remember to practice these 4 steps to longer sex, it doesn't happen overnight.
Lexi, XX

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