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How to give a Tantric Massage

How to give a Tantric Massage

     So we covered the basics of Tantric massage, today is all about how to give a tantric massage. There are two types of massage: Yoni for women and Lingham for men. 

How to give a tantric massage: 
     Use oil: If you don’t have (waterproof bed sheets) to ensure the safety of your mattress. Invest in a water-soluble oil so that your towels and bed sheets can be washed and stain-free if you do spill any oil. 
Step 1: Time
     With tantric massage, an hour or more is usually needed to ensure no stress for time. So set aside some free time to be able to not stress about where you have to be or what needs to be done.
Step 2: There is no pressure to orgasm.
     Both orgasm and maintaining an erection are not necessary for a tantric massage. There is no pressure to perform or even succeed. Succeeding for tantric massage means feeling completely relaxed and falling into a calm trance-like state.  
Step 4. It’s more than just a genital massage.
     Every part of the body toes, feet, legs, thighs, abdomen, chest, nipples, arms and fingers are all massaged before and even during a tantric massage before proceeding to the Yoni or Lingam massage. Tantric massage is more gentle than other massage types like therapeutic, Swedish or deep tissue massage. Start by focusing on each body part individually and paying its appropriate attention. Work your work down then up and in towards the genitals, from hands and feet to the centre.
Step 5: Don’t forget to breathe
     As the receiver, it is important to remember to breathe during the massage. Focus on just ensuring breaths are consistent and deep. 

Lingham Massage for male.
Step 1. Lingam male massage:
     For Lingam massage ensure your partner is in a comfortable position on their back (or front if you want to begin with a back massage before flipping over). Spread their legs apart and ensure genitals are accessible. Massage up the thighs and brush over the genitals before beginning to pay full attention to the genitals. 
Step 2. Pubic bone and perineum.
    Gentle massage the public bone above the penis and the perineum the area between testicles and anus. Using the soft spot on your palm gently massage your partner's testicles, 
Step 3. Massage the penis
     Don't be afraid to switch things up! Gently squeeze the base of the penis with your right hand pulling up over the head until your hand gently slips off the top alternate with hands.  Then try this technique down instead of up. Lastly, you can also massage the head and shaft of the penis with pulses and twists. Work a rhythm with your hands to incorporate the balls and shaft in one full movement. 
Step 4. Find the sweet and sacred spot
     Look between the testicles and anus and find a small indentation the size of a pear or larger. Push it inwards gently, it may be uncomfortable at first but over time it will allow your partner to rapidly expand orgasm length and intensity as well as control ejaculation more. 
Step 5. Let your partner rest after the massage 

Yoni Massage for female.
Step 1. Yoni female massage
     Get your partner in a comfortable position on their back (or front if you want to begin with a back massage). Spread their legs apart and massage up their thighs brushing over their genitals. Ensure genitals are accessible before beginning Yoni massage. 
Step 2. Lube it up.
     Pour water-based lubricant or body-safe massage oil over the vulva and over it enough so the outer lips and outside of the vulva are covered (the exposed stuff, not the internal parts or entrance).
Step 3. Pelvis bone and labia
    Begin by massaging the pelvis bones and moving in a downward direction until you reach the labia, go back and begin again. Don’t focus on the vagina as an individual body part just yet. Begin by brushing over it and continuous movements from the pubic bone down to the pubic area. 
Step 4. Massage the vulva and labia majora and minora 
      Don’t rush through this step too quickly. Take your time and try different techniques such as gently squeezing labia between your thumb and index finger, without any pressure sliding your fingers along the entire length of each lip. 
Step 5. Massage the clitoris 
     Be careful with the amount of pressure you apply here always begin gentle and focus on the stroke, not the pressure. Massage the clitoris in small stroking circles first clockwise then reverse it. Remember this is a massage, not just intention to orgasm. Gently squeeze the clitoris but be gentle and release it within 1-2 seconds.
Step 6. Involve your fingers.
     Once you have massaged the external of your partner's vulva move on to their vagina and insert your finger with care. Palm facing up and slowly work your way inside of her. Don’t wiggle around just rest for a moment letting her accommodate to you before you begin to explore her vagina. Use your left hand to massage her breasts, pubic bone and vulva during the internal massage.  
Step 7. Locate her sacred G Spot
     To access the g spot, with your palm still facing up perform a come-over-here gesture. It will be as if you are trying to wiggle her belly button from inside but this is the place behind the pubic bone connected to the clitoris where you can bring her the orgasm.
Step 8. Add two fingers if she lets you - maybe even a few orgasms.
     As women can come multiple times it is possible to let her recover and refocus back on the outside of the vulva or continue on for multiple orgasms immediately. Each orgasm will gain in intensity, in Tantra this is referred to as “riding the wave”.
Step 5. Let your partner rest after the massage 
     Now that you know how to give a tantric massage, go forth and explore with someone. 
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