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Nude beaches in Sydney

Nude beaches in Sydney

    Today I have a list of the best nude beaches in Sydney. Places to hit up in the buff!
If you’re going to the beach the best places to enjoy this summer are the nude beaches. Here are the very best nude beaches in Sydney to enjoy alone or with your special someone.

Obelisk Beach, Chowder Bay Road, Mosman
    This beach is renowned as a beach for men, with women rarely seen here. This is a great beach for men to attend to get a little bit more comfortable with the male body. Distance from Sydney CBD 11.5km (25 mins drive)

Lady Bay Beach, Watsons Bay, Sydney.
      This beach has a lot of history for Nude beaches in Sydney. It was unofficially one of the first nude beaches in Sydney, being designated a nudist beach in 1976 by NSW premier Neville Wren. Although it is also, like Obelisk Beach, a bit of a boys club. Lady Bay beach is a place of acceptance for everyone and the classic nude beaches in Sydney. Lady bay is a short beach and half of it disappears at high tide, so
Distance from Sydney CBD 11.5km (30 mins drive)

Samurai Beach, 545 Gan Gan Road, Port Stephens
    This beach is officially a nudist beach however you will find a lot of fully clothed folk fishing or hanging next to their 4WD which is needed to get there. This beautiful 3KM stretch of sand has a breathtaking view and if you have to hike to the beach you’re allowed to camp on the north end of the beach. There is no shade or toilets nearby so be prepared. Look out for cars on the beach.
Distance from Sydney CBD 208km (2hrs 50 mins drive)

Little Congwong Nudist Beach
    While this is a well known nudist beach, it is not designated a nudist beach so strip off at your own risk! The Little in the name implies it is the brother of the bigger, Congwong Beach. This beach is near the end of Anzac Parade, La Perouse and you will have to walk past its big brother to access it.
1532R Anzac Parade, La Perouse NSW 2036

Werrong Beach Lady Wakehurst Drive, Otford Lookout, Royal National Park
    While this one requires a steep 30-minute hike it's well worth the journey. There is a bit of a rip here so make sure to recover before heading out into the water. During the week it's deserted so ensure you have all the supplies you will need for the walk there and back. Another way to get here is to catch the train from Central to Otford and simply tack on an extra 700 metres to the walk down.
Distance from Sydney CBD 60km (1hr 30 mins drive)

Cobblers Beach Middle Harbour Road, Mosman
    This beach plays host to Sydney's annual Skinnydip, however, you can skinny dip all year round!. Sans clothes you can enjoy friendly and happy locals soaking up the sun. This beach has a reputation for being both respectful, family and female-friendly. Regulars at the beach are more than happy to ask anyone being appropriate to leave. When you're at Mosman, drive down to the end of Middle Harbour road, or catch the 244 Bus from Qunuard to Chowder bay and it's a 10-minute walk past The Barracks.
     Enjoy being in the buff, read more about Rules for nude beaches

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