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Rules for nude beaches

Rules for nude beaches

     Thinking about going to a nude beach this summer? Lucky for you there are many options throughout Sydney where going in the buff is appreciated and loved. Today we uncover the basic rules for nude beaches. There are some rules for nude beaches that you should abide by if you wanna enjoy full monty and get a great tan.  To ensure that you fit in, and don't stand out there are a couple of things you should do for both your own comfort and others.

Can I get nude anywhere?
     Make sure you check out to see if you are at nude beach first or else you will be done for public indecency. Once you are there to try and match the level of the nakedness of those around you. Whether that's topless or fully nude. Make sure to pack sunscreen and maybe even insect repellent. 

What should I bring?
     Sunscreen to cover any exposed skin, a towel so you can sit comfortably on the sand. Bring something to read or keep you busy. You can bring another person with you or attend alone. Just bring a good attitude and leave the creepy vibes at home. 

Can I check out the goods?
     No, don’t stare. It’s generally rude to stare and taking pictures without permission is a definite rule breaker. Make sure to give people the space to enjoy their nude experience in nature without being disturbed. Take something to distract you like a book or something to help you keep your eyes to yourself while you get used to being naked in public. 

Can I do nude camping in NSW?
     Yes, there are many beaches you can camp at nude. Just make sure you’re allowed to camp on the beach before you pitch a tent for the night.  

Is sex on a nude beach legal?
     Sadly no. While it is a nudist beach, it is not a private room. You may see some inappropriate behaviour at times, but it's not legal. 

Where do I get redressed?
     As a general rule don’t wander back to your car naked. Before you leave the boundaries of the beach pop your clothes back on. If you’re unsure check to see where others are getting dressed. 
     Now that you are equipped with the rules for nude beaches, enjoy being au natural and remember the sunscreen. 
     There are plenty of Nude beaches in Sydney to enjoy.
     Lexi, XX

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