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Normal massage at an erotic massage parlour

Normal massage at an erotic massage parlour

    Receiving a non-sexual, normal massage at an erotic massage parlour isn't a waste of your time. There are multiple reasons for requesting a normal massage at an erotic massage parlour, and I am going to explain them in detail.
It is an introduction to the Sydney sex industry
     For those that have never visited a sex worker or experienced the industry receiving an erotic massage without any pressure to come is a great way to experience a brothel and massage parlour environment. Removing the pressure to perform enables you to achieve total relaxation. So what if you get erect? That's a-okay, just enjoy the sensations of touch and the massage whether its tantric, Nuru, Body Slide or therapeutic. We aim at Nirvana, at Michelle's, RPM and our discreet outcall service My Girls. Leave your worries aside our sanctuary is sure to help you relax and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Just lay down and enjoy a non-sexual massage. 
An intimidation free way to physical touch

      Does the prospect of physical intimacy make you nervous, recoil or shudder? If so, maybe getting a non-sexual massage is a great start to explore physical contact with another person without it being sexually aimed. If you get more comfortable with physical contact, being touched on your thigh or held, it is a pathway to becoming more comfortable and enjoying sex. Our masseuses are happy to talk you through it, warn before touching an area and more. Just let them know exactly what you need to have done to make your experience comfortable. 
Take your own time
      The golden rule to consider here is that you are ultimately spending for this massage, so it is your time. Take solace in the fact that in any paid service you have the right to take up every second of the time. Beauticians are therapists, barbers are counsellors and nail artists are gossip secret keepers. This time is all for you so you can test the boundaries however you see fit. Whether that's through speech or action Through testing your boundaries or explaining your fears and anxieties and working towards controlling them. We are here for you, in whatever way it needs to be to get you comfortable with yourself, physical touch and in time sexual intimacy.
To help shed your last relationship.
     Some breakups are bad - we fully understand that. Sometimes it's easier to have clear boundaries with someone and be able to work towards letting them gain your trust again. If you have been hurt really bad, our girls can relate, and even more help you understand from another female perspective what went wrong to help you with problem-solving in the future. Breakups are usually both peoples faults - we let our relationships get to a point where they are about to break as opposed to repair them actively. Having a non-sexual massage sometimes can also help to repair a relationship before it breaks.
     Whatever reason you’re seeking a non-sexual massage let the masseuse know beforehand that you are here for a massage and a chat to ensure you find the best match for you. Your introduction is important here so why not check out Knock Knock, Who's there? so you are prepared to ask questions during the door knocking meet and greet. Know that its really quite normal to request a normal massage at an erotic massage parlour, come on in and ask today!
Lexi, XX

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