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What happens during a couples massage?

     Who gets it and why? How to ask your partner to get one with you, What should be discussed before? What happens during a couples massage? Boundaries and expectations, what to expect.      

Who gets it and why?
     Anyone and everyone. Whether you're a new couple or have been together decades, there is never a bad time to consider getting an erotic massage together. It can add a new element to your sex life, or reinvoke one that existed before. It's a safe space to enjoy intimacy as a couple with a new person, a great place to establish rules and a place without judgement, 
What happens during a couples massage?
     You can expect sensations and experiences such as:

  • having an extra set of hands to help you achieve your goal,
  • devoting attention to one partner at a time and with the help of a masseuse fully appreciating each part, 
  • learning how to give your partner an erotic massage with guidance, 
  • Watching someone else please and tease your partner
  • As foreplay

How to ask your partner to get one with you
     This conversation can be daunting to many - some to start others to hear. Before proceeding please make sure you are very very clear on the fact that your partner is enough for you. That they please and satisfy you and that you love them. If you know that is understood begin by stating that you think it would be enjoyable for both of you to experience an erotic massage together. Let them know they can set the rules, it can just be skin and no genitals, whatever they feel comfortable with. Let them know you want to experience pleasure together as a unit with the assist of another and you feel that paid erotic massage is a brilliant place as you can create the rules together and find a suitor who will be discreet.
     If you partner has already heard many of your fantasies - such as having an onlooker, enjoying the thought of having another person join in on the pleasure, or simply you both enjoy giving naughty massages at home to each other - it shouldn’t be too hard to mention that you are considering the thought of adding a third to please and massage. Once you have let your partner know your desires you may need to give them some time to decide and then enact upon it. 
What to talk about before - boundaries and expectations
    What sort of touching is okay? Can the masseuse touch breasts and body parts? Can she only touch the male and not the female or the other way around? If the masseuse just supposed to tease the entire body of each of you and get you to finish each other off? Whatever you are comfortable with we sure can accommodate. Just ensure you discuss beforehand how much and how far you want to go.
    Are you here to see your partner get played with? Are you here are foreplay before you go home and have a sex-fueled night together? Are you beginning to allow play with others and looking somewhere easy to start? Make sure you know why you both are doing this and what you hope to gain from it. If you want to go the full monty and have a threesome it can always be arranged however a lot of the time it is best to just enjoy the extra set of hands and attention in the massage with your partner - especially if it's your first time!
What to expect:
     Before the massage you should discuss your boundaries and expectations with the masseuse. Where can be touched on whom, is this foreplay or do you want to the masseuse and your partner to help finish you off? Discuss the parameters of your experience and what you expect to have happen. Let the masseuse know it's your first time getting a couples massage and briefly what made you decide to get it - to begin introducing other people, to get someone to watch you while you both play, to watch someone please your partner, this can help her play her role.
    Really at the end of the day as a masseuse helping out in a couples massage is a really satisfying role. You get to help couples explore and enjoy themselves, maybe show them a few new ways to touch each other and even open up their sexual world to a world of more experiment and enjoyment.
    If you want to seek out a couples massage call any one of our parlours today and our reception will help match you up to the perfect masseuse. 

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