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Why get a Happy ending massage and not finish?

Why get a happy ending massage and not finish?

     Today I am going to inform you why getting and erotic massage and not finishing is a brilliant idea. Why get a happy ending massage and not finish? Well because it can make you more productive, confident and the final blow that much more intense!

     Ever played in the morning, been interrupted and then at the end of the day exploded with your partner? Well, I want to talk about the ultimate tease. Getting a sexy massage first thing in the morning, not finishing and then coming back in the evening for an intense and insane explosion of joy. Let’s face it, you're going to be away for school holidays so if you get the chance to make it to us now, why not delay your ejaculation! 

     This may be your only chance to sneak out of work and enjoy the delights of massage so why not get in early and come back later? Extend your experience! Rather than booking an hour massage, book a half-hour in the morning and half-hour evening massage. In the morning focus on your body, body slides and light teasing, just enough to get your at a half stiffy. When you feel yourself getting too erect ask the masseuse to redirect her touch to your legs, abdomen, arms or even head. Whatever turns you on, kissing on the neck, blowing on the ear, light touching - let the masseuse know and ask to have her do this instead of directly apply touch to your member. 20 Minutes into the massage ask the masseuse to give you a comedown massage before she applies body wash to your back. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, energetic and able to harness this energy!

     Once you are dressed for the day make sure to savour the touches and sensations you just experienced and know that you will be satisfied in due time. Refocus your energy into harnessing the day and getting as much done as soon as possible. Feel the confidence of knowing you are wanted, you are sexy and you sure are going to impress your masseuse with the amount you blow later this afternoon! The faster you get through your day, the sooner you get your reward and the earlier you come back. Whenever you need a burst of energy just remember exactly what pleasure and teasing you had this morning.

     When you return later in the day you will find that the first touches in your second massage will be intense and that you will be erected faster than usual with the build-up of all the tension during the day. Finally, it’s being redirected back on its correct path. As the masseuse works you into putty you come and know that both your day and orgasm have been ridden to completion.

Remember, this isn't for everyone but it is a fun idea to try out. 

Lexi, XX

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