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12 tell-tale signs of cheating in women

12 tell-tale signs of cheating in women!

     If your partner is doing more than three of these on the regular and they don’t usually, maybe you should have a discussion at the very least about what you consider to be cheating. Now all of these are quite normal actions, especially after stress or when trying to improve oneself. However, some of these actions together may be a warning sign that you need to talk with your partner if all 12 tell-tale signs of cheating are present, you should consider talking about cheating with your partner ASAP. 

  1. They talk less
    If you aren’t discussing your days, they’re calling or texting you less, they say I love you less these are all not a good sign. 
  2. They don’t look you directly in the eye
    If your partner is unable to look you in the eye or maintain eye contact with you this may be a sign they are ashamed or feel guilty of their actions
  3. If you’re feeling anxious all the time
    Trust your gut! If you’re feeling anxious about your relationship there may be a reason why.
  4. Your partner starts taking time to improve their appearance.
    Whether it’s ensuring they have nice hair or clothes or they’re starting to work out. If your partner is checking out how they look this might be a sign they’re trying to impress someone else. Be warned though as they may just be making life improvements. 
  5. They stop sharing photos of you on social media.
    This is a red flag. If your partner has stopped posting photos with you or even removing photos of you tagged together they may be clearing their feed to make it seem like they’re not in a relationship.
  6. Their schedule changes.
    Suddenly working lots of late nights or going on trips? Having to bail on plans last minute? If your partner is changing their schedule they could be making time for someone else.
  7. Their friends become less friendly with you
    Are their friends treating you differently? Are they keeping a distance from you? They may know about the situation and be attempting to cover up their knowledge of the affair. 
  8. They’re not around as often.
    If date nights and usual hangouts are getting cancelled its best to check in and see why!
  9. They’re unreachable at times!
    No one should have to answer the phone at all times, but if your significant other becomes unreachable at times that you usually could contact them, something is up! They may be up to something naughty enough to ignore their phone or turn it off. 
  10. They’re angry for no reason.
    If your partner is lashing out at you for no reason maybe they’re frustrated and this unnecessary anger is a by-product of their actions. Or it could be stress. 
  11. They have unexplained expenses.
    If bills are piling up in weird places your partner could be hiding something.
  12. They ensure their phone screen isn't able to be read by you.
    Does your partner flip their phone over when they get a text? Do they hide their incoming message from you? Are they getting a ridiculous amount of messages from a service provider like Vodafone or Optus? If your partner suddenly changes how their actions towards their privacy around you this may be of concern!

Are all 12 tell-tale signs of cheating present? Before you jump to conclusions...
      Know that life gets crazy and our significant others are around us so often they’re sure to experience the effects of stress, lack of communication and life in general. Rather than being paranoid approach your partner and discuss with them what you’re noticing and ask how you can help. If you believe they are cheating give them an opportunity to come forward without pressure. Cheating may well be the beginning of an open relationship. Have a read of our previous articles on cheating: 

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