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X-rated gifts for X-mas: for couples

X-rated gifts for X-mas: for couples

Leg lifter
     Let's face it, women like putting their legs up during sex. It increases the level of penetration. This is simple to use, just pop it behind your neck and secure your feet in the straps. AID: This device is perfect for getting your legs up to achieve positions that were less able before.
Wrist straps
    Who doesn’t like taking control or giving up control? Adjustable wrist straps are simple, don't involve keys, knots or chains. They are comfortable and easy to get out of. They can be used to tie one hand to the bed-post, keep the wrists together or even ankles. Get two pairs so if you do use them on the ankles you can secure a leg to each side of the bed. Try to get one with a cord that tightens easy and a quick release too. Light bondage is fun that everyone can experience with their partner but you should discuss safe words beforehand.
A couples massager
    These little gems make sex even more pleasurable for both partners simultaneously. The smaller end inserts into the vagina and the larger end lays on the clitoris. Allowing both partners to enjoy good vibes during sex.
Water-Based Lube
    We all need lube. So why not invest in a great one for a gift, you can get one that tastes great, heats up, acts as massage oil (LINK) and more. You usually need a few different types of lubes, such as water-based lube for toys so that you don’t destroy your toy or expose yourself to infection. Silicon-based lube is excellent if it's just the two of you.  If you want to learn more, read What Lube for which thing?
A BJ tool
    Blow job tool is a brilliant device to make oral even better - impossible? You’d think so until you try this out. Designed to feel like a mouth when lube is added this device can be an addition to oral or act in replacement of oral if say you broke your jaw - which is the only excuse. Alternatively, this can also be used alone to elevate phone sex!
A sex pillow
     I’m sure you’ve used a pillow to make positioning easier and more precise during sex. So why not invest in a pillow to ensure the best angle every time?
A sexy game
     Sometimes you need a little bit more entertainment than just a toy. You need an erotic game something to get to know your partner on a deeper level both emotionally and physically.  
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