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How a so-called Alpha male turned into a Submissive

How a so-called Alpha male turned into a Submissive

Most people think men are alpha males… walk a mile in mistresses shoes and realise that's so far from the truth. Today we uncover how a so-called Alpha male turned into a Submissive.

     Many men want to get down on their knees and devote themselves to a mistress who knows their deepest desires and fantasies. In fact, if you use techniques mistresses use an “alpha male” may start doing things he never thought he would do. Finding a male who usually takes the lead, I am going to tell you a tale about a mistress named Robyn and an experiment. 
     After a fine drink with ‘Sam’, he begins asking whether her house was closer or his hotel Robyn states “If I wanted to use your cock I would have over half an hour ago.” While Sam spits out a sarcastic remark about being direct our mistresses asks “Did you want to fuck me? Yes or no?” He hesitates before answering yes, ”Who wouldn’t I would have.” Waiting to get a reaction out of her she passes over his negative compliment. “Answer the door for me, you’ll do that right?” She reaches out to his knee and firmly touches it, enough to misdirect him. “Huh?”, Diverting the conversation she asks if he wants a second date to which he smiles and pipes up an enthusiastic but confused yes. 
     Robyn explains that they aren't going to fuck, but asks him to pay the bill, leave a $1 tip and make sure the waiter sees the tip before meeting her downstairs. Winking and sliding away she knows she’s asked him to humiliate himself with a terrible tip. Humiliation is a powerful tool but even more powerful is the ability to suggest people do small things for you like its nothing at all. The tip was a suggestion to distract him from the submissive act of picking up the bill for her. The disgustingly small tip is a distraction, while he may have intended to pay for the bill, having Robyn order him to do so and meet her downstairs begins his unconscious slip down the hole of submission. By leaving him to finish the tasks, she leads and he follows. 
     When Sam greeted her downstairs he had a sheepish grin, he explained the waiter wasn't too impressed but didn't say anything. Robyn is ecstatic, after making someone do one small thing for them it's much easier to make them do larger things later on. Taking the lead again, Robyn begins walking briskly, so that Sam must keep up to follow. When they arrive back to her condo, Robyn orders sam to go to the bathroom and clean himself up, as he’s sweating from the summer heat, quick walk and lack of aircon.
     Forcing him to remove his clothes removes a layer of his power. There are very few social situations that a man stands naked with only a towel in front of a fully dressed girl. Doing it not at their own will is humiliating and emasculating as well as awkward.  Sam, however, chose the jerk move “Did you wanna see this impressive thing hiding under my towel?”
     “If you must show it off, drop the towel” 
     “Are you sure?” he asks “I’ll get dressed if you want.” After assuming sex was on the cards and walking out of the bathroom naked, now he retreats.
     “Even though I told you I wasn’t going to be having sex with you.  Drop the towel” Robyn Commands. Just as a magician making a big reveal, he drops the towel and waits for his applaud. Sam learnt just how closely connected cockiness and vulnerability are. Realising she hadn’t eaten since last night as they only had drinks at their meeting, she went on uber eats and ordered a meal from down the street. “You’re going to sit there like that and watch me eat.” He asks if she's that hungry to which she replies “Yep. And you’re answering the door like that to pay the delivery guy.”
     “I am?” he asks rhetorically. I start moving closer to him and rest my weight on his towel on the floor. 
     “Of course. You’ve seen it in porn before… the delivery guy always gets disturbed, so you’re going to disturb them. I like you naked”
     “You’re insane!” he exclaims looking around for his discarded towel. 
     “Don’t bother” I reach down and remove the towel, “I told you I like you naked.”
     “I’m so confused” he states, obviously uncomfortable with the idea of letting the delivery person see him naked. “Can I get dressed now?”
     “If you’re going to go home, of course, you can, otherwise no”
     In a move to pull his bluff, I let him know he can go home if he wishes. If he chooses to stay it must be via his own will. However, is it his will? We have all been conditioned since birth to do as we are told. I have a lot of respect for guys who can say “fuck this I’m out of here.” Lucky for me, Sam was not one of those guys, he was not an alpha male. He cannot think for himself in crucial moments. A skill that is rare to find, like the alpha male. 
     While the minutes ticked away waiting for the delivery guy, i could hear sams brain working out the reality of what he must do.  ‘DING’. I laughed, I shouldn't have, but I did. He scrambled to find his wallet. He retrieved the food from a shocked delivery guy with no words at all and returned to me with the food. I got up and walked over to the kitchen and grabbed myself a plate. He was still waiting where i was just last standing. I had him. I walked back to him with the plate and set it on the table calling him over to join me. Following another order, he comes over to me and asks again if he can get dressed. “I’m not going to sit naked and watch you eat!”
     “That’s fine you can leave now” A long moment of silence passes “I’m not so sure I’m comfortable” he admits, “I’ve never met a girl like you before, I like you..”
     I smile, typical. “I like you too but there's the door, see yourself out.”
     He sits down and makes eye contact with me gesturing for me to eat. I slowly and surely eat my food, making sure to take my time. When I’m done I stand up and walk over to the bathroom, pick up his clothes and pass them to him. “Get yourself dressed. See yourself out. I’ll decide if I want a second date with you another day.”
Bewildered he begins to put his pants and shoes on. “I don’t understand, what did I do wrong?”
     I smile to myself again, nothing my pet. “You didn’t do anything wrong, you were very well behaved. I’m tired, I told you we weren't having sex tonight. See yourself out and lock the door.” I give him a kiss on the side of his cheek and head to my room to watch him on my surveillance camera. He continues to get dressed, stopping here and there to contemplate what just happened. Then he stood up placed my plate in the sink and then headed towards the door, making sure to lock it.
     If you want to hear more, let me know.
Lexi, XX

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