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The Glory of the Massage Table

The Glory of the Massage Table

Today I have a story entitled "The GLory of the Massage Table" for you written by a client about the massage table with the mighty glory hole. His favourite and maybe soon to be yours too!
     The lights are Dim, the music is audible but low enough to hear every sound she makes. I exit the shower and dry myself while she’s undressing. She comes over to me and asks to hang my towel, directing me to the massage table. I place my head into the hole and my other head into the nice addition of the penis hole. She likes to make to joke that either one of my heads goes in either of the holes. On the mirror below the table, I can see my junk hanging down towards the mirror. As if it's peeping through a glory hole - except I know who is on the other side. The masseuse gets the oil and I feel her weight add to the table while her legs disappear.
     I feel her put her knees straddle either side of my legs and the sound of oil being squeezed out of the bottle. For an instant I feel the coldness of the oil, then her hands slide over my legs warming me up. She starts working at my muscles softly then more pressure, moving from leg to leg, to my arse, back and arms. Sliding around sexually over my body letting her skin brush against me wherever possible.
     While I enjoy every aspect of having a toned size 6 brunette rub all over me, I’m really here for the glory hole experience. To see myself hanging below and her teasing my balls. I can't help but watch as my penis grows in size and when its finally there, as if she senses it she begins to play with him. She gets off the table and slides under the table giving me a great view and her direct access to my penis. 
     This is where I get really excited, the thought of my penis being pushed through a hole and played with on the other side by someone excites me, but not knowing who that person is is scary to me. When I get an erotic massage I get the best of both worlds as I know the girl on the other side is gorgeous but also talented… and of course, the fact that I know its a girl.
     She works me into putty satisfying all of my fantasies, before asking me to turn over. Now I get to take in every curve of her body before I reach the point of no return. With her butt in perfect view of my eyes, she begins to bounce and work me to my most intense orgasm yet. 
     I’ll definitely be back for another stress reliever. 
Hope that got you up! The Glory of the Massage Table is something that must be experienced by men and women alike. Lie down and let your body, mind and libido come into balance. 
Lexi, XX

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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!