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Reacting to stress positively.
      Initial reactions to stress can vary from negative such as worry and self doubt to positive reactions such as recognising stress, reorganising and re-prioritising. To respond positively we must learn to take control of what you can and accept what you cannot change. There are a few tactics to prime your penis against pressure 

Stress management tactics:
      When we cannot get back to the “zone of optimal function” here are 7 tips to take control of your stress response. The correct one is likely dependent on the stressor and what feels right for you.
    Visualisation: Think about the result you want to achieve and stay on task in stages to get there.
    Breathing: The way we breath is the way we feel. Take long, deep and slow breathes through your nose and long exhalations through the mouth. The old saying count to 10 really helps when trying to control breathing and stress.
    Talk to yourself: Internal monologues provide us with positive reinforcement and help us evaluate our performance. Be sure not to listen to negative voices.
      Progressive muscle relaxation: One by one tense your muscles from your feet to your head for ten seconds at a time while seated comfortably. This should help address the physiological symptoms of stress and helps divert our thoughts. Added points for deep breathing too.
    Keep a diary: Identifying stressors and how you operate under stress is one thing, but keeping a note of them helps to plan effective coping strategies.
    Goal setting: Some goals we set become unachievable in the set time period. Resetting these goals to something achievable or smaller parts of bigger goals helps us to feel like we are getting closer to completion.
    Take time out: Sometimes forcing ourselves to work through stress is not an option and we need to take time out to help us refocus, calm down and be able to begin again in 5 minutes or much longer without debilitating anxiety.
    By learning about stress and how we respond to it, we can remove it from our weaknesses and have a shiny new coat of modern-day armour to keep us safe through life's modern stressors. When we learn to control stress in our lives, we also become more confident, focused and able in the bedroom. 

Can't harness your stress? Here's how to cut it out
    Author Carl Vernon has some techniques to take the edge off your anxiety.
Take action!
    Stress causes us to get overwhelmed, which causes us to put things off. Our to-do lists get bigger and the anxiety grows until everything is out of control. Get rid of your to-do list and swap it for an action plan, start working on the tasks immediately. Smaller, easier to achieve goals can be used in conjunction with harder ones, to ensure you feel like you are getting through your action plan and not stuck.
Avoid toxic people
      The most effective and immediate ways to deal with stress is to avoid toxic people. Individuals who never have anything kind to say, someone, bringing you down. Get away from them and work on tackling your action plan. Toxic people don’t want to see you succeed.
Focus on what you want!
      If you’re focused you're going to get there faster. If you’re focusing on your stress you're distracting yourself from the task at hand. Visualise what you want, plan to get there an execute. Stress is debilitating, but addressing it and having a plan helps us to maintain focus.
Be grateful!
    Always practise gratitude. Remember that while your life is stressful, that’s life. Take 5 minutes out of each day to focus on what you're grateful for. Realising that a deadline at work or any pressure you're feeling is nothing in comparison to the fact that you have friends, family and loved ones that are all healthy. Whatever you are stressed about at the end of the day you have your health and your loved ones. Recognise the things in your life you are grateful for and focus on them when you are stressed about tasks.
Be true to yourself!
    When you're stressed you're not making decisions as your true self. MIT neuroscientists have uncovered that making decisions under stress dramatically affects the “cost-benefit conflict.” Stress impairs the brain, like depression, anxiety and addiction resulting in poor decision making. Recognise that you are stressed, take deep breathes, let the feelings go through your body and then once the automatic response to stressful stimuli has passed, recognise that if the feeling continues you are allowing it to.
90 Second Rule
    90 seconds is all it takes for a human to feel the full range of emotion, thus when we are experiencing stress we should wait before acting. In her book, My Stroke Of Insight, Dr Jill says: ‘When a person has a reaction to something in their environment there’s a 90-second chemical process that happens in the body; after that, any remaining emotional response is just the person choosing to stay in that emotional loop.” So if you are letting stress get to you after 90 seconds, you are replaying that emotional loop, rather than getting past it and its keeping you in a physiological state of stress. Let stress come over your body, watch it, feel it, and after 90 seconds know you can act without irrationality.
    Stress is normal, and can even provide us with better results, we just have to learn how to make it work for us before it affects us in bed and our heads! Read How to make stress work for your penis
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