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How to make stress work for your penis

How to make stress work for your penis

     Let's discuss the basics of stress, how to recognise stress and help control it before it begins to creep into your sex life. Learning how to make stress work for your penis is key to your sexual and mental success. There are three phases of stress identified in 1936 by Dr Hans Selye. Alarm, followed by resistance and finally exhaustion. During the initial alarm stage, a large burst is sent from your brain to your adrenal glands. This results in a boost in energy, oxygen supply to muscles and subsequent faster breathing and heart rate. During the resistance phase, hormonal actions are triggered that are designed to boost support and maintain the actions of the alarm stage. Finally in the exhaustion stage, which we really process as it comes after extreme and prolonged periods of stress such as combat or survival. During this phase stress responses don't switch off and have the potential to kill you. 
     These stages are suited to the fight-or-flight response. However, in modern times, we have excessive amounts of casual triggers that are growing out of control, from social media and its endless notifications and likes, relationship and financial pressures, to work hours growing out of control and being less defined. If pressures are left unchecked and managed, they can evolve into “stressors” with the ability to ruin many areas of your life. But stress can also prime you for action.  

Prime yourself for success. 
     Dr Richard M Yerkes and Dr John Dillingham Dodson highlighted the between stress and performance. Creating the “Yerkes-Dodson Curve” they claimed that physical and mental performance can be improved when stress responses are present. Stress and performance can complement each other to create the “zone of optimal function.” Just think, cramming before an exam or working hard before a deadline can produce excellent quality work considering the pressure of leaving something important to last minute. Even more so, stress can affect our sexual function and must be managed properly to ensure satisfaction. Learning about stress, and how your body reacts to it is key to making stress work for you and your penis. 
    However, it is very easy to get too anxious and decrease performance levels. To reach optimum performance levels without tipping into anxiety levels and stopping performance is to recognise stress levels, finding the cause of stressors and reacting with a positive outlook. 

Recognising stress levels.
    Knowing your signs of stress is key. There are seven categories of expressing stress:
    Affective: shown through anxiety, self-pity and anger.
    Behavioural: visible through poor sleep, lack of concentration and poor performance.
    Physiological: Experienced as muscle tension, palpitations and headaches.
    Cognitive: Less ability to focus, feelings of frustration and use of self-defeating statements
    Imaginal: Fashingback to past failures, feeling embarrassment and helplessness.
    Interpersonal: Withdrawing from social situations, manipulation or argumentative actions and thoughts.
    Sensory: Feeling clammy, cold and or sweaty. 

Identifying the causes of stress
    We can feel like life is stressful, and that there are no one or two stressors contributing to our stress reactions. In reality, we need to take a step back, refocus and identify the sources of stress. It usually comes from one of three types of stressors:
    Competitive: a result of our environment. Includes injury, illness or self-imposed psychological pressure.
    Organisational: In relation to the organisation you are performing, this could be work or sport. The structure of the organisation, your particular role, relationship with others or performance development can all act as stressors.
    Personal: This accounts for the impact you feel in your lifestyle, relationship and financial circumstances. Read PRIME YOUR PENIS AGAINST PRESSURE to guarantee you understand how to make stress work for your penis!
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