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The Science of an Erection

The Science of an Erection

     We spoke about the types of erections in Erection Facts, now let us discuss the science of an erection. An erection requires multiple inputs fro your nervous, vascular and hormonal systems - simultaneously working with strong psychosexual urges (unless you're having a nocturnal erection!) We can break down the process from flaccid to full into 3 key stages. 

1: Stimulus
     The stimulus of the penis can be indirect or direct. Reflex erections are a direct example, possible through the stimulation of the penis to trigger a nervous response of the sexual system. Psychogenic (mental) erections are an indirect route, achieved through imagination, mental or visual arousal. Nocturnal erections are based off a signal sent from the brain and are considered psychogenic erections. 

2: Engorgement
     Now stage one has been achieved the next part is all about blood flow. Nitric oxide is released into the penis arteries and blood is engorged within the head of the penis. To maintain this erection the trunk of your penis muscles constrict and block the blood from draining back out. This continues until orgasm when these muscles begin to relax again. 

3: Flop
     Once the stimulus is removed and achieved, your penis is returned to its normal resting state. Blood flow leaves the penis and it returns to normal size. 
     If you are having trouble achieving a full erection work on identifying which stage you are affected in. Come in and speak to one of our talented masseuses who can work to begin your sexual training and sexual awareness. Learn more about your penis through previous articles: Erectile Issues7 Exercises To Increase Your Sexual StaminaPenile Resuscitation - How to bring him back from the dead and Food for Penile Health. Understanding the science of an erection helps you to perform at your peak.
Lexi, XX.

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