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There are 3 types of erections!
     The most common erection is the reflexogenic erection, caused by physical contact. Psychogenic erections, from audiovisual or imagination arousal without contact are the second most common, followed by the nocturnal erection, which has very little to do with stimulation, rather REM stages of sleep. 

Healthy cocks get up a few times during the night and hit the gym.
     While you may wake up with morning glory, you actually get erect from 3-5 times during the night. These erections last up to 30 minutes. Think of them as unconscious penis strengthening training. 

Shoe size doesn't talk for other sizes.
     There is absolutely no scientific evidence that shoe size correlates to penis size. This popular myth has been around for too long and needs to be discredited. 

Short flaccid penises increase more in size than longer ones. 
     Studies have shown that when a flaccid penis gets erect a shorter one increases in much more in size than a larger one. Growers and showers can both rejoice!

The average penis size!
     In a study titled “Am I Normal?” found that the average UK erect penis size was 5.16 inches(12.1cm), with the flaccid penis resting at 3.61inches (9.2cms). I’m telling you this first because Australia has better stats which you can check out Penis Size: How Do You Measure up? and The Hard Facts on Global Average Penis Size

Not every cock is straight.
     We aren’t talking about sexual orientation, we are talking directional. Some cocks have a slight curve which is perfectly normal. The only time to see a doc is if there is any pain, which could be linked to conditions such as Peyronie’s disease characterised by scar tissue in the penis.

Your partner really doesn't care about the size.
     Really, it’s how you use it. If you’re too big and don't know how to use it what's the point? No one wants to be impaled. ou have to learn how to make it work for you. And remember sex isnt limited to sexual organs, hands, mouths, dildos and vibrators are all a great time. 

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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!