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7 Exercises To Increase Your Sexual Stamina

7 Exercises To Increase Your Sexual Stamina

     Women take longer than men on average to reach their peak sexual stimulation period. Therefore it is important for men to brush up on their exercises to increase their ability to last. Being healthy matters not only to your health and image but your sexual health too! Today we have 7 Exercises to Increase your Sexual Stamina!

Increasing your sexual stamina is definitely not limited to the performance of your penis. Encouraging sexual fitness extends to the entire body. For many men, the thought of not providing a lasting and deeply fulfilling experience for their partner is something that causes stress and anxiety. If that's you please read Penile Resuscitation - How to bring him back from the dead and Erectile Issues.
     Sex is integral to a relationship, it bonds you and is the link between emotion and physical expression. Just like any other muscle sex-specific muscles weaken over time and from neglect. Being confident in the bedroom stems from being competent. Having a skill set that you can rely upon requires training. Follow these tips to see noticeable differences in your ability to execute the moves.
Sex Gym:
Move 1: Tongue
     Ever had a jaw cramp during oral sex or kissing? Get tired from your positioning and have to switch to your hands to finish off? You should focus on strengthening jaw and tongue muscles by doing tongue push-ups!
     Push the underside of your tongue against the roof of your mouth and tense it. To increase this exercise try squishing a fruit or sweet between your tongue. 
Move 2: Forearm
     Whether it's used as a prop for another form of stimulation or as the main stimulator, your arm requires strength to be able to perform. The best preparation is free weights focused on the forearm. Make sure to have a rest day before you resume practical tests.
Move 3: Abs and lower back
     Youll need stamina to be able to thrust so many times for periods of time. Thus you should practise squats, deadlifts, plants, and pushups for ab and lower back strength. 
Move 4: Focused pelvic floor exercises
     This hammock shaped muscle stretches from your pubic bone to tail bone. Its the muscle you tense to stop the flow of pee. Many people ignore the muscle, which is a worry as it weakens over time and affects erectile strength, ejaculation control, the intensity of orgasms and bladder control. Its simple to begin working out, just pulse and hold the muscle. Test it out midstream, then begin doing it at least once a day for a few minutes. Increase the length and strength of pulses over time. Test it out during sex. To make it even harder try it out with a dry towel over your hard-on. Then step it up when ready to a wet towel. 
General Tips: Breathe, Exercise, Eat and Sleep better. 
     Some people tense up when getting closer to climax. If this is you focus on relaxing all muscle groups and focusing on your breathing and sensations. Make sure you're well-rested as the more tired you are the less testosterone there is in your body. In general, aim to sweat it out 3 times a week outside of the bedroom doing cardio such as running, speed walking rock climbing or whatever works for you. Don't skimp on flexibility training as men store tension in hips and lower back. The more flexible you become the more enjoyable sex can become. Youtube hip-opening stretches before your next Rondeau Vue. Watch your diet. Read more about Food for Penile Health, but in general, stay away from excess caffeine sugar alcohol or cigarettes and stop with the fast and packaged food. 

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Enjoy the sex gym,
Lexi, XX

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