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Choking is a prime example of the giving and receiving of control, an expression of dominant and submissive roles. I’m going to tell you the basics. Learning how to strangle safely is key to pleasure.

     This power exchange can be exactly what we need, a release from control for the decision-maker, or the power to take control, both can be a huge turn on in bed. While choking is an act of surrender, we aren’t aiming for a near-death experience. Most of the time choking is about giving someone the power to have the ability to endanger you, which is hot. Breath control is another thing where breath play is used to intensify or prolong sensation and orgasm. Breath okay should only be performed by experienced parties and people who know CPR. 
Choking can lead to serious injury, even death if done wrong. Do not practice choking without prior consent, or when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Where to choke: 
To choke, gently press either side of the esophagus, and work out pressure with them that comfortable. Do not press on the front of their neck, where the Adam’s apple is, as this will cause coughing. This is uncomfortable, not sexy and dangerous. 
The front of the neck is where air gathers, and to restrict this area is incredibly dangerous. When pressing the sides of a partners neck your partner should always be able to speak and express words vocally. A safeword should always be established beforehand. 

Choking precautions: 
At best, know CPR, especially when choking in the bedroom. 
Never choke with the intention to restrict breathing at all, or blood flow entirely. 
Safewords are an agreed-upon, non-sexual phrase that indicates when one's partner is mentally or physically uncomfortable and wants the play to stop. Think of something like pineapple, oregano, flamingo, cheeseburger, or something short like Blue, t-rex, something you wouldn't usually say during sex. 
Further, when choking a safe signal should be discussed, something such as clenching your fist, a peace sign, grunt,  or even tapping the dominant, all these signals are useful when tagged or choking as they may be easier than a word at the moment.

How to choke:
Apply pressure to the sides of the neck. By apply pressure, I mean a gentle squeeze and release. 
Play your thumb on one side and the other fingers on the other, over carotid arteries. 
Use your palm to act as a barrier over the sensitive area of the front of the neck where the windpipe is. Make sure your body pressure doesn’t fall onto the person during the experience. 
Count 1-2 seconds and release. 
Continue this in pulses, ensuring access to oxygen and continued blood flor. 
Let’s be clear, orgasm will not occur without blood flow. When I say “apply pressure” what that means is a gentle squeeze and release. Place your thumb and other fingers on carotid arteries.
     Count 1-2 second(s), then release. Continue to apply pressure and then release in pulses. Then ensures safety, access to oxygen, and continued blood flow. Let’s be clear about this: an orgasm does not occur when blood flow stops. So don't work against yourself and think you have to block off air supply entirely. 
You could also use both hands on either side of the neck giving the visual of choking and slight secession of hands on the neck, without applying any real pressure. 
Stay safe!
Lexi, XX

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