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Gucci Coochie - The ever-rising trend of the Designer Vagina. 

Gucci Coochie - The ever-rising trend of the Designer Vagina. 

Today we are discussing Gucci Coochie - The ever-rising trend of the Designer Vagina. 
    Khloe Kardashian mentioned that the women in her family couldn't stop talking about a “vagina laser.” Other celebs have declared their support of the surgery with Gemma Collins claiming “I paid £2,000 and my vagina is perfect now. It looks like something you see in a movie.” East Enders actress Danniella Westbrook, even filmed the laser treatment and posted it on Snapchat.
     There are two types of treatment performed on the vagina, surgical and laser treatment. Surgery is usually performed for cosmetic reasons, such as removing protruding outer lips, while non-surgical laser treatment is incredibly popular for both young and older women who want to feel tighter, increase sexual sensitivity or help with bladder and bowel issues. Surgical labiaplasty when performed for purely aesthetic reasons should first be discussed with a medical professional and even through counselling to understand whether it is their belief they are following or cliches set by society. Removing such an intimate part of yourself now can lead to dissatisfaction later in life, as we age and become more open to ideas of how bodies and genitals should look.
     The most common surgery following vaginal laser treatment is labiaplasty, which reduces the size of labia minora, the flaps on either side of the vaginal opening. There is belief that this trend may be due to women not seeing representations of their vaginas in porn. Most Pornstars have an “innie” making women with an “outie” feel abnormal. In fact, in Australia, unless a magazine wants to be slapped with an R18+ classification, they must photoshop a women's labia so that there is only a single crease with no inner labia sticking out. So women see representations of vaginas that are tucked, tight and tiny. When the reality is many women have big lips down there naturally (they don’t need fillers to have juicy lips).
     A vaginal surgical reconstruction or facelift can be beneficial for sure, if you have an inner labia that are too protruding, gets in the way, is uncomfortable or slack from childbirth or age. The procedure involves removing a portion of skin from the back of the inside of the vagina and stitching it back together again. Women increasingly also remove external skin for aesthetic reasons - these women have no medical reason to have the surgery. In many ways, we all are attempting to live up to standards that are often unattainable naturally. But to have surgery on your most personal area solely for aesthetic reasons seems to be extreme. Worryingly, women under the age of 18 are requesting labiaplasty for purely cosmetic reasons. 
     Find a man who loves your lips. Such as UK based sculptor Jamie McCartney who created the “Great Wall of Vagina.” To show the diversity in our bodies, he took casts of around 400 women from ages 18 to 76. It is not intended to be erotic art nor pornography. He created the piece because he noticed women’s fear and anxiety about their genital appearance, and was in a unique position where he could do something about it. 
     At the end of the day, once they’re gone, they’re gone, and you will never get the thrill of having them sucked. If women don't care what a penis looks like see the article, DO YOU HAVE A HOT COCK? Why are we judging our own flaps!?
     Love your lips, 
Lexi, XX

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