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Penile Resuscitation - How to bring him back from the dead. 

Penile Resuscitation - How to bring him back from the dead. 

     How to keep your most important member happy and healthy. Let’s talk about the standards you have with your penis, and set some better ones. Penile Resuscitation - How to bring him back from the dead is your guide to saving your sex life!

     While your penis might work magic in bed now, it's much more fragile than you think. Habits, actions can increase the odds of irritation, injury or a condition that results in erectile dysfunction. We are going to discuss the key ones. 
Too much drink.
      We’ve all heard of whiskey penis, but basically when there's too much booze in one sitting your little man is set up for dysfunction later on. Alcohol inhibits his mood, sexual desire and ability to achieve orgasm. Regular consumption of alcohol can lead to a lack of interest in sex as well as dysfunction. At the end of the day, sober man are more likely to have stronger and more intense erections. Anything more than two drinks per day puts you at risk for bad sexual side effects. 
Aggressive masturbation
       There is no shame in self-love, but there is a tipping point where self-pleasure can contribute to erectile dysfunction through desensitisation. There’s also the risk of chafing and wounding the already extremely thin of the member when masturbating too aggressively. 
Weighing in
      Obese men have lower levels of testosterone making it hard to sustain an erection or even be interested in sex. Being overweight puts one at risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, both of which constrict blood flow making it harder to get it up. Decrease fat, increase testosterone levels and reduces risk of serious medical conditions. 
Having sex in a position that strains the penis
      Trying out fun positions is well and good, but if you get too carried away the most important member can suffer. While there are no bones in the penis there are ligaments and tissue that can be overstretched. To avoid pain and bruising make sure you’re not tackling positions that bend him too much. Extreme damage can even cause a penile fracture when the spongy tubes that carry blood to the penis break. While it is rare, the position that seems to be the culprit is Girl on Top, and particularly, reverse cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl is dangerous due to the angle of entry, the curve of the penis and the tilting of the vaginal canal.
Bad eating habits
      We discussed how food affects your penis before in Food for Penile Health. But there is a rule of thumb, its there’s a lot of plastic on it, sugar, it’s fried, or it’s fast food, it's high in trans fats and cholesterol which impede blood flow to the penis.
Not enough sleep
      Solid Z’s are important and not enough of them will not only make you grumpy but your penis too! Most people need 7-8 hours nightly, and less may reduce testosterone levels, one of the most important factors in erectile function. 
Oral Hygiene
    You’d never expect it but your oral health actually affects below the belt. Men with gum disease due to plaque are twice as likely to also have Erectile dysfunction as men with healthier gums. Poor dental health is linked to increased inflammation within the body as well as cardiovascular disease. Anything that obstructs blood flow is going to affect your members flow. 
Hold off a few days
    Not having sex for a few days can cause you to have a larger more engorged member, the downside, of course, being that it might be over sooner rather than later. 
Manage your stress, depression or anxiety
    We all know that stress has a range of effects on the body, one of the most profound on libido. Your desire may decrease as well as your ability to use your ‘tools’. Use breathing techniques and methods to manage your stress to ensure you can still enjoy sex. Depression and anxiety can be triggers for performance or self-image anxiety. Beyond that, some medications can decrease libido and sexual function. If the sexual function is disrupted it is best to discuss this with your partner and doctor. Discuss the cons and pros and decide whether or not to continue on the same medication. Somethings are much more important than sex. 
Stop watching so much porn!
   A healthy amount of porn is exciting, but too much is desensitising. Even more, if it is used as a quick fix, it causes you to race towards the end - training your body to come quicker. 
Ejaculation isn’t everything
      It's the journey, not the destination, right? While it’s amazing to come, don't focus on it and even more, don't race towards it. You’re missing out on a lot of prime time fun and training your body to relate and orgasm to a quicky, focusing on speed, not stamina.  In sex you want to be a long-distance runner, not a sprinter - that's not to say quickies aren't amazing. Try making it past 5 minutes, and your body will grow and strengthen making longer erections available more often to you.
      While women have been talking about Kegels for a while, men really need to get into it. FLexing and holding the muscles that stop you from peeing, referred to as the pelvic floor muscles, is a great way to connect with your genitals. Just a few squeezes a day, increasing in strength and duration as you get ‘fitter’. Try doing some Kegels during sex if you're close to ejaculation. Reduce stimulation and flex your pelvic floor to make yourself last a bit longer. 
Power Kegels
    Once you’ve mastered Kegels, add weights. While there are real weights designed for Kegels, you can start with a towel. Drape the hand towel over your penis and flex your muscles to make your penis bounce and lift the towel. Once this is too easy, wet the towel.  Start out with these exercises twice a week for ten minutes at a time and you will notice your penis strengthening, plus more control during sex. 
Get shit done
    I hate to point it out, but your penis is a meter telling you how confident you are in life as a whole. If it's limp, act harder. Build up mental resilience and push through the tough stuff. As you begin doing this you will begin feeling alive and effective. Achieving tasks and doing risky things are crucial to dopamine in your brain, which in turn is key to arousal and the process of erections. 
Masturbate, offline
    Get off porn hub for a night and have a romantic experience with your penis. Reconnect with your cock. Porn is a stimulus which takes your mind off the physical sensations and designates your to the realm of observer. Be a part of the action, make your own show. Turn off the porn and use your imagination - like when you were 14. You will begin re-sensitizing your body and your awareness. 
The “9-5 Technique”
    This is a great technique to manage your arousal. When masturbating switch your level of stimulation between a 5 and a 9 (out of 1-10). Let's say 5 is where you are erect but your mind is calm, 9 is nearing the point of no return but safe enough to de-escalate. Continue switching your intensity for at least 20 minutes. Once you’ve made it mast the 5-minute mark it will get considerably easier. Another alternative is to come into Nirvana, Michels or RPM and get yourself an erotic massage. 
Get an Erotic Massage
    Having someone else perform a handjob on you as the main course can retrain your body to be more aware, sensitive and in control. I would recommend booking 45 minutes to an hour so you can still enjoy the massage, not feel pressured on time and have a handjob of 20 minutes or longer. Be patient with yourself, know each round that you do you’re becoming more aware and more in control. In turn, you will gain control over your ejaculatory response making you a better lover with greater stamina. 
BONUS WARNING: Don’t cycle too much!
Research suggests that pressure on the blood vessels and nerves when cycling can lead to erectile dysfunction. Although more research is needed to know if there is a connection, if you do bike a lot, consider investing in a seat that removes pressure from your perineum.

     Now that you know the steps of Penile Resuscitation and how to bring him back from the dead let's hope the blood flow increases and your little guy stays healthy. Read more about sexual health:

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