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Social media game seduction: How to Seduce on Insta and Facebook

Social media game seduction: How to Seduce on Insta and Facebook

When using Facebook and Instagram we come across our friend's hotties. How do we bridge the gap, besides finding them on a dating service, to show them out interest? Keep reading!
      Today we are discussing tips to ensure your profile and behaviour online are up to standard and seductive - not creepy. Social media game seduction and learning how to Seduce on Insta and Facebook is a skill you need for modern dating.
Keep up to date.
      If you're using your social media to flirt or appear attractive - start with some current pictures. Ones that show you out with friends, travelling, pursuing your interests and hobbies. Not ones of you in front of your mirror without a shirt, or with your ex. For your profile pic make sure not to include your dog, an old college photo, or your dirty bathroom or bedroom floor. This is your first impression, make it count. 
Be witty.
      After seeing your name pop up in her notifications she will eventually take a look at your profile. Make sure the moment isn’t ruined by the terrible bio you set when you were drunk. 
Employ the Great Gatsby technique
      Gatsby had a mansion, threw elaborate parties all for one person. Employing this technique online is basically posting photos that show off your lifestyle or assets to that one person - posted publically for the world to see. This is very common today and we do it without really realising what we are doing. When we start "tuning" someone we begin to post our lives for them to see, and we check the views to make sure it's seen. 
Think before you post
      Your profile is the image you're presenting to the world, what are you saying about yourself? Be mindful of what you're tagged in as can be the reason for judgement. Make sure no old Buzzfeed quiz results are on your profile, make sure the pages you liked when Facebook first came out aren't visible (or unlike them). And when you get memories for your past posts - check them!! You’d be surprised at what you’ve said in the past and what it means in today's politically correct era.  
Like responsibly
      Don't send a liking storm to those you are interested in as it can seem desperate. If you are liking a new contact's profile make sure to make it a mix of posts, not just their selfies as liking a selfie is giving someone a virtual compliment on their looks. Make sure you’re liking a mix of their content. 
Be aware of the DEEP LIKE
      When you flirt in real life you make your intentions clear but you don't want to come off as desperate or obsessed. Social media has the same rules, if you were to go into a deep scroll down an interests feeds and like something, or worse accidentally like something, it comes across as the digital equivalent of stalking. That being said this tactic can be effective but it must be used by the experts for fear of coming off as obsessed. 
Make sure your likes are reciprocated.
      Whether she comments back, likes your photos, or messages you after you like something as long as she’s communicating back its a positive sign. If you haven't stepped up to messaging after a few mutual likes it's time to initiate contact. It’s important that if she doesn’t show interest you stop pursuing her, don't be the guy sending messages with no response. She doesn’t have to take time out of her day to contact you back online - sometimes saying nothing says everything. 
Stop being a dick, and stop sending it.
      If you wouldn't do it in real life, don't do it online. Getting unwarranted dick pics from strangers is the online equivalent of flashing someone on the street its unwanted and rude. Unless you're on a network designed for this behaviour or where it is accepted it is not advised sending nude pictures with someone unless groundwork has been laid for it to be an acceptable next step. And if you are sending one, don't expect one back. Make sure you're not being a dick on her posts too, being too thirsty in her comments or messages can set you back. Try being nice and offering real compliments, not thirsty remarks like “You're so sexy, you're so hot.”
      The whole point of cyber wooing is to get something real out of it. Hopefully, an IRL meetup or it can be a waste of time. After establishing a relationship online, don't be afraid to take things further, become friends on multiple platforms, exchange numbers, have a phone call. If the communication is still effortless and enjoyable on both sides maybe invite her to meet in person and see what happens. 
Take it slow.
      Getting from online to offline isn't usually a one like an approach. It requires a couple of weeks work from the initial follow and responding to Instagram stories to the conversation and hopefully an offline meetup. 
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