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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!

He texts me sexy stuff but then never acts it out?

     The new man I’ve been dating for a few months is fantastic! But he sends me lots of racy messages and then when we are together he never makes a move! Why doesn’t he want to have sex with me?
     The first few months of a relationship should be a rush of sexual tingles and romantic energy. If someone was to provide stimulation via text and not in person there may be a few things contributing to it. The first to consider is that they are remaining abstinent. Its a growing trend these days for people to save sex with those they see relationship potential with until they are sure. This is something to ask before moving forward. 
     If your new man wanted to have sex with you he would have made a move by now! Either he doesn't want to or he can’t! I’m afraid he might be seeing other people, as internet dating creates a plethora of options to explore. This illusion of choice means that we fail to notice what's in front of us in hope for a DM from a better person tomorrow. Maybe he’s keeping you as a back-up date? He may also be married, and texting is seen as OK but physical intimacy is seen as cheating. 
     The other possibility is that he's so used to sexting and even consuming porn that he’s become intimidated with the thought of real-world intimacy. His expectations may be too high for both him and you, or he may feel inadequate in comparison to what he's said to you in text or seen online. 
     Maybe he has ongoing issues with erectile dysfunction, making him reluctant to engage in intimacy for fear of disappointment. If you think this might be the issue its best to approach this with honesty and warm conversation. Whatever his reason is, mention to him that you think it’s time he acted out some of his texts. If he doesn't…. Stop texting him raunchy things. He’ll either let you move on - in which case count your blessings on an easy escape, or he will pursue your more relentlessly - in which case you need to discuss intimacy if it does not change. 
      I believe speaking to him first is the best option, but not sending him dirty texts back is the second-best option. 
Hope you get laid soon,
Lexi, XX