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Decoding Female Flirting Signals 

Today we are going to try decoding female flirting signals to get a better understanding of women.

      Some key signals to look for beyond the basics we discussed in common flirting signals include:
     The head toss or hair flick: This is an easy one, she's showing off her face or giving herself the ability to see you clearly. Another alternative is hiding behind the hair, which some shy girls may do to be able to look at you comfortably.
      Glancing: If a woman is peeping over her shoulder and looking away when caught this is a sure-fire sign of flirting. It gives the admiring and being admired back. 
      Big lips: When a woman is aroused her lips actually fill with blood and become slightly enlarged. This is why lip colour was invented to mimic this reaction. If a women is puckering her lips, pouting or even applying lip gloss shes drawing attention to 
      Self-touch: Our brains have a way of making our bodies act out what we desire. If a woman strokes her own thigh, neck or throat she may be imagining what it would be like if the guy were touching her, or sending the signal that that is the way she likes to be touched. 
      The limp wrist: This one is very subtle, but when a women ‘s arms are relaxed and limp her hands fall down, this is an inviting signal because it symbolises ease and even submission. It lets the male know he can be dominant and take the lead.
    Fidgeting, with circular or cylindrical objects: This can really only mean one thing, something is on their mind. Everything from moving your hand up and down your drink to taking a ring on and off all fall under this pattern. 
      Purse Proximity: A purse, or even a phone, is an extension of a person and considered to be personal. With many men feeling uncomfortable when asked to look in a women's bag. However, when a woman places her bag next to you it's a strong signal of intimacy.  She may ask him to pass it over to her or even to retrieve something from it for her.
    Positioning the body to face into you: If she’s sitting with her legs crossed and her feet are facing away from you she's not interested, look at people sitting down having an argument. They will often sit with their bodies away from each other. Be sure that she's doing the opposite of this to know she is flirting. If shes directing herself towards you, its because she wants to be seen by you. We don't even realise when we do this, most of the time its unconscious but it’s a great way to gauge how someone feels about you. 
      Dangling Her Shoe: When a woman dangles her shoe from her foot she is relaxed, playful even. Sometimes women will thrust their feet in and out of slip-on shoes, which can be unsettling as it may signal they want to leave, but it may signal another form of trusting.
    The leg cross: Sitting with your legs crossed knee over another knee gives the appearance of high muscle tone, a signal for sexual readiness and ability. Women have also been told throughout history this is a ladylike way to sit, and is attractive, and actively doing it is an attempt to exude that attractiveness.
    If you’re decoding female flirting signals, get ready.

Lexi, XX.

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