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Common Flirting Signals

Common Flirting Signals

     Women without knowing it initiates a lot of social flirting. Through non-verbal requests such as constant glances, the direction of their body, and or even leaving their purse with or next to a man indicating trust. While women send out these non-verbal signals, men often have trouble interpreting them or even recognising them. While people seem to focus on the pickup line, it’s really the situation that determines the success. Whatever line you deliver, do it with confidence and make sure you are looking for signals. 

The most important signals to look for are:
      Eye contact. This one should be common knowledge but it is the most missed. If a woman is looking at you she may be interested, especially if she keeps looking back to you. If she catches your gaze and holds it for 3-7 seconds and look away, wait patiently to see if she looks back again and send her a smile. On average you should ensure you've caught her attention, from initial eye contact to smile, at least three times to ensure you have engaged her interest and she’s not just people watching. 

     Smiling. Fleeting smiles are usually given by women during this stage to give the man the green light to know its okay to approach. When she smiles you see crows feet. There are 18 distinct smiles, and one that is genuine, the one with crows feet. When you smile genuinely, not politely, your crow's feet light up.

     Preening. This is the act of enhancing or showing off your assets. For women, actions include sitting up straighter, crossing your legs, tilting your head to show off your neck, Fixing clothes or jewellery or applying lip gloss. A great signal is usually the licking of the lips. Men might stand up straighter, puff out their chest, or suck in their gut. He may straighten his clothes or hook his thumbs into his belt. Both males and females point their bodies toward each other.
      Body Language. We flirt through our body language, mirroring movements or how your standing or sitting, directing the body or feet to face the one you’re attracted to. Or even crossing her legs into you not away from you. What is going on with the hands? Hands draw attention, so playing with her hair, touching her lips are all good signs but hiding them in her pocket it means she’s not seeking attention.

     Conversation. This is where the pickup line usually comes in, but the line is just an ice breaker to lead to conversation. Once you’ve gotten to speaking, make sure you notice how she is responding to the discussion. Does she talk a lot - if you’re talking and she’s not responding, she's bored if she’s engaged in an effortless flow of conversation that is a sign she probably wants to keep the conversation going? Does her voice get faster or higher, high pitch tones are often used when someone is attracted to another? Glancing at your lips during conversation is a dead give away someone is attracted to you and wants to kiss you - unless you have something on your lips or in your teeth. 

     Touch. Physical contact is what can seal the deal. Whether it’s deliberate or an accident. Without touch it’s hard to really move forward. Use of a second or third touch can ensure that the person is comfortable with the level of intimacy.  If women adjust your hair, use your watch to check the time or straighten your clothes these are signals she may be interested.  

Understanding Common Flirting Signals and what they mean will help you realise when you are being hit on, sometimes before the other person has.

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