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How to become a HEAD master. 

How to become a HEAD master. 

Giving head is a skill you can always brush up on. Here are some basic and pro tips to teach you how to become a HEAD master!

    First off let’s start with the basics: if he’s Leaning in: he’s enjoying what you’re doing and may want more pressure, it deeper or it to stay the same. Pulling away: lighten the pressure or stimulation, it might be too intense.

Suck and BLOW!
    Even though we know blow jobs mean to suck LINK. Blowing can be an enjoyable experience. The head of the penis is one area that's super sensitive especially around climax. Some men require extra stimulation towards the end, others prefer less as it increases in sensitivity.

Focus on more than the shaft and the Tip!
Premium is another area to consider playing with. Its located on the underside of the ride of the penis.

Deep Throat
    If you can deep throat its a wonderful feeling. However, remember using your hands can make it seem like you're going a lot deeper than you really can. If you cant deepthroat, focus on different textures. Some men enjoy teeth being grazed along the shaft, but you have to be careful. To start, use your lips and build confidence.

Ball Play
    Blow on them after sucking on them. Always remember your hands can be used at any time.

Butt Play
    Some men enjoy their backside played with, some enjoy their asshole played with. Be aware of how the guy reacts, and any verbal or body language cues he might be giving. If in doubt you can always grab their ass cheeks and tickle or lightly scratch.

Use your hands!
    And not just to fondle his balls or to make it seem like you're doing deep throat. Use your hands to tickle and graze his thighs, tease his nipples and more. Use your hand in conjunction with your mouth for maximum stimulation.

To spit or swallow?
    If you're not using a condom then first off consider STIs and the risks. If you're still going ahead bareback, then you have to decide what to do with the final product. Spit or swallow. Heres a tip if you're having trouble swallowing, make sure the penis is at the back of the tongue missing your taste buds and when he comes the semen will go straight down your throat to your digestive tract.

Don’t brush your teeth before or after a BJ
    Brushing your teeth before or right after oral can expose your gums or cause bleeding, increasing chances of HIV if unprotected. If you have any cute or ulcers in your mouth it's advised not to have unsafe head.

Still don't think you're doing it right?
    Then just ask! Whether he's saying something or not, it's always a good idea to check in and ask if he enjoys what you're doing even a simple “do you like that” for different motions.

Now you know how to become a HEAD master put your skills to the practical test and become an Erotic masseuse!

Get to sucking!

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