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Foot Play Explained

     This one is for the devoted feet worshipers out there, and those who are just getting to know their fetish. If you’re excited at the thought of either worshipping a ladies feet, being trampled on or even foot play like a foot job you should take that fantasy and double it. Rather than just letting one woman walk all over you, add another one and you could appreciate her feet while being trampled, stimulated or tickled.
     Foot fetishism, foot partialism, foot worshipping or podophilia, is the sexual interest in feet. It is reported that sexual fetishism of non-sexual objects or body parts in more common in men than in women. 
     During the aids epedemic, there were cases of sexual footplay being seen as a safe sex alternative.  We have spoken before on the origin of the foot fetish in our article Feeling Feetish? The Origin of the Foot Fetish. We can further understand that foot fetishism may be linked to feet and genitals occupying adjacent areas of the somatosensory cortex. Possibility of crosstalk between the two is high, with amputees reporting orgasms in removed feet. 
Below are some foot fetishes explained:
     Trampling for those of you who don’t know, can be rough or soft. It can be as simple as using the toes or knees to apply more pressure all the way to using a stiletto. If you like it hard and you’re into feet you should consider it. 
Foot worship
     This can come in the form of material devotion, physical worship, massages, licking, sucking clean, and more. Any way in which there is to worship can be applied to feet.
Shoe worship 
     Boot worship may include sniffing or inhaling from worn boots, as well as licking, kissing or cleaning their exteriors by licking. Sometimes, the polishing of the boot can also be done. Chewing and eating of leather shoes and boots can also be done.
Boot and Heel Worship
     Heeled boots may lend themselves to
sucking, in an approximation of fellatio, anal and urethral insertion. The dominant partner can also sometimes beat the sub or slave with the footwear while wearing it. They can also have the submissive lying down in front of them, and then place their boots over the submissive's mouth, face, or body instead of the floor.
Fetish pics
     Everything from bread squashed by feet, to videos of bananas being smooshed. If you can think of it (or even cant) its probably been done. 
     Ah well if we look at feet as another set of hands, it's just a handjob right?
     If you're new entirely to foot fetish play, maybe start with a little bit of naughty play under the table at dinner as foreplay and teasing. Then next time, try paying more attention to the feet or replacing them for your hands in a handjob. 
Enjoy, Lexi XX