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Oral Sex Slang Explained

Oral Sex Slang Explained

Why is it a blow job if you’re sucking? Why do you eat a girl out? Oral Sex Slang Explained will guide you through all the quirky titles!

    Fellatio, also known as a blowjob, BJ, giving head or sucking off, is a sexual act involving the mouth, throat and penis. It could be considered the most common and understood sex term. Fellatio actually comes from the Latin derived term “Fellatus” which means to suck. In 1894, sexual researcher Havlock Ellis first used the term in his clinical works on sexuality.
Blow job
     The term “blow job” began earlier than Fellatio, beating it out by an entire century.  
Blow during this time mean to bring someone to orgasm, and we can understand this today when a man says “I’m going to blow” oe “I blew on her face.” During this period “blowsy" meant a down on her luck woman, which as Les Miserables and history show us often means a sex worker.
    The term wasn’t specifically applied to fellatio until 1930 when it was first used in a pulp novel, Nell Kimbal: Her life as an American Madam. This novel also described the act of “the platonic blow” being 69ing or mutual oral. Blow job has claimed to be derived from victorian prostitute slang referring to oral sex as a “below-job.” Obviously, with the modern age, we don’t have time to say the full thing so we have shortened it to a BJ.
Giving head
     This term developed during the 1950s alongside the era’s boom in teenage sexuality. It was replicated in many songs of the time and still commonly used today. 
Eating Someone Out
     Cunnilingus didn't come into popular usage until 1887, translating to “to lick vulva.” Specific terms for oral sex on women didn't boom until the early 20th century, with terms such as “pearl diving” and “sneezing in her satchel”. The most popular and enduring term for oral on a female was “Eating out” first used in 1927, actually predating the usage of the phrase as a way to eat at a restaurant, which started in 1933.
Muff Diving
     Muff divers turned up in 1935, and muff diving stuck around as a term used to refer to performing oral on a woman with pubes. The use of this term probably is parallel to growing trends in shaving for women.
To “go down on” someone
    This term is undoubtedly the most universal and used term for oral. Bringing up 26,300,000 Google search results, while "giving head" only brings up 2,860,000 results. Being all-purpose, non-gross and not humiliating as an oral sex term contributes to its ongoing popularity.
    Whether your sucking or blowing, going down or eating out make sure you’re devoted to the act. Now Oral sex slang is explained - make it happen. 
Lexi, xx

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