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     Oculolinctus made its way into the English language after a newspaper reported the fetish was popular in Japan during 2013. Known as Gankyū name purei ("eyeball licking play") the story is reported to have been a hoax as many articles were corrected or retracted. However, the attention was said to have caused an increase in Japanese schoolchildren wearing eye patches due to infection, with one school finding 1/3 of 12-year-old students admitting to engaging in oculolinctus. When this was further researched students hadn’t the faintest idea of the fetish. The Guardian even posted a story discussing their misinformation and apologised.  
Medical Risks of Occulinits
     While the story may have been a hoax, there are risks associated with eyeball licking. Significant health risks are included in this practice as the tongue is coated with microorganisms which may cause infections such as conjunctivitis, herpes and chlamydia as well as styes, pink eye and conjunctivitis. There is also a risk of corneal abrasion and corneal ulcers. There is a risk of blindness resulting from infection. The difference between the mouth and eye bacteria has led to the recommendation that contact lenses are not to be licked before inserting into one's eye, let alone a tongue. 
It’s not a hoax!
     Even though the initial story was a hoax the fetish is very real. A good friend of mine was on her travels to Peru when she met an Australian man who was into eyeball play. 
     He broke the news to her during a foursome, the other two were doctors mind you. He was having issues getting it up and she asked if there was anything she could do that he likes. Initially, she laughed, and then when she realised he wasn’t joking she felt like she had to lick his eye to recover.  
     He held his eye open while she licked it for the first time, the couple they were with, standing on the other side of the room, shocked. By this point, the mood of the foursome had fizzled out and the couple went back to their own hostel, leaving the two of them to talk. He explained that he loved having his eyeball licked as he felt vulnerable. During sex, he wanted to stare deep into her eyes, especially when he was cumming. 
     As their relationship continued he explained he also enjoyed spit play. He wanted to hear her bringing up phlegm and spitting it down his throat. He liked pushing his boundaries and letting people see the really dirty side of him. When they went their separate ways arriving back in Australia, sometimes they would communicate over webcam. He requested she get as close as possible to the camera and look into it, so on the other end, he could just see her eye. He stated that the lack of physical contact often made the experience more intimate. I suppose for someone to have to do that for you regardless, it is very intimate. 
Happy Licking, 
Lexi, XX