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How to Give a Hickey and Why.. or Why not.

Why do people want Hickeys?
     It’s a way of signalling the world this person is yours a marking of territory. Or even having to cause your partner the inconvenience of having to cover it up and the chance to think about you. Are hickeys Dangerous?
     It is very unlikely a hickey will lead to death but a 17-year-old has died from a hickey on his neck due to a blood clot and eventual stroke. Further, a 35-year-old woman experienced right-sided weakness due to a stroke 12 hours after a hickey was given to her. Finally, a 44-year-old woman experienced limb numbness and weakness after receiving a hickey. In the three cases of hickeys leading to strokes 2 people survived. So there is only 1 known death from a hickey.
    Be aware that the suction shrinks the artery causing it to clog. If you're concerned do the hickey below the neck and there won't be any issues.
How do hickeys work?
    Blood leading out of broken capillaries causes discolouration. The more veins there are to break, the lengthier the recovery time. 

How do you give it?

    Find the best place, ask for permission, make sure they know it can last a few days or weeks. Always Stop when asked.
    Make an O shape with your mouth and press your mouth against your partner’s skin in the decided place. Suck for a few seconds, and continue to suck for about 20-30 seconds if you want a really dark mark. 
Where to give a hickey?
      While hickeys are commonly seen on necks this is quite a visible spot and not everyone wants to have to hide a love bite from grandparents or colleagues. Other places to leave your mark include inner thighs, stomach, back of the neck, collarbones, and even the inner elbow (especially during winter). 

How to get rid of a Hickey quickly?

    Some aged old tricks include: Using the back of a cold spoon to reduce swelling. Applying aloe vera to speed up the healing process. Using the inside of a banana peel to soothe the skin's surface. Applying a warm compress for new blood to circulate. Eating foods that are high in Vitamin K. Use the bristles of a toothbrush to stimulate blood circulation. 

Happy Hickying!
Lexi XX