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    The Most: Erotic, Elite & Exciting Blog in Sydney!

Penis Size: How Do You Measure up?

     Following abstinence, condoms are the most effective way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Variations on condoms have been around since Egyptian times.  Changing from linen to animal intestine, to using spermicide, to latex and non-latex alternatives. In today's era, consumers are not concerned with the technology of condoms, although we are usually concerned with thinness and sensitivity. We can assume condoms are developed to stringent safety standards, which big branded ones are. The real malfunction issues stem from incorrect sizing and use by the consumer.
     It’s not about length, it’s about width.
     Many people go on the length of their penis to determine their condom size but It’s actually the width, or girth that is the deciding factor in condom sizes. Men with wide but short penises, known affectionately as chodes, know this as a small condom will strangle or suffocate their penis. 
     The condom needs to fit around the penis perfectly, not so loose it may slips off and not so tight it breaks. And this is where knowing your exact size really helps increase the effectiveness of condoms.

How to get an estimate:
    Slide an empty toilet roll over the shaft of your penis. If there is any extra room you qualify as smallIf it’s a good fit you qualify as a medium and If it’s too tight, you’re large.

For a more scientific approach:
     Grab a measuring tape or a piece of string and measure from the base to tip while erect, and then the width measurement is taken around (so wrap the string around the circumference of your penis) the penis at midshaft. 

Find your size below:
Length: 15.24cms to 17.78 cms (6 to 7 inches)
Width: 4.318cms to 5.08cms (1.7 to 2 inches)
Length: 17.78cms to 20.06cms (7 to 7.9 inches)
Width: 5.207cms to 5.41cms (2.05 to 2.13 inches)
Length: 20.06 cms and up (8 inches and up)
Width: 5.14cms to 5.84cms (2.13 to 2.3 inches)
Length: 20.06cms and up (8 inches and up)
Width: 5.84 cms and up (2.3 inches and up)

     And if you'd like to take all the guesswork out of it entirely, the condom company One gives you 60 sizes to choose from. Their condoms are both larger and smaller than what you would find in a general supermarket and there is also a kit to help measure yourself correctly.
     Whatever your result, remember it’s not the size that actually matters, it’s your movements and attention to the one you’re with. Just sticking your big dick in and thrusting can be less enjoyable than a small penis that bothered to go down on you or works hard to bring you pleasure as well as themselves. Just remember to be present beyond your penis, whatever its size. 
     Happy sizing
Lexi, xx