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How to Touch a Lady

How to Touch a Lady

New girl, first time or a long time since any action? Never fear I have 7 Tips on how to touch a lady to help you in getting lucky. 

  1. It’s not all about Tits and Ass. Think of sex as similar to taking a shower. If in the shower you offer to wash her and then only wash her boobs and butt, when you get out she’s going to have to do the job properly. You don’t want that in the bedroom, do you? Touch her ribs. Her thighs, her collarbone, her neck, kiss and nibble her. 
  2. Experts say the G-spot is best accessed by hand, so clean and file your nails and get busy. The ability to subtly manipulate your women's parts to bring her slowly, quickly and even multiple times to orgasm will leave you knowing you have pleased your woman enough to satisfy her and your ego - when you have sexual intercourse it will be super intense. 
  3. Try abstaining from the main act for as long as possible. Play can last for hours, sex a few minutes. Maybe try giving each other a Japanese Nuru Massage or Watch Porn Together.
  4. Be confident and pay attention! It’s about being able to read another’s body language. Sex is an act of giving and receiving. So be confident in what you want, make it clear through your movements or even vocalise it. Ensure you're reading the signals your partner is sending too. Something that might have been fine yesterday could not be fine today. 
  5. Involve toys and props. Go to the sex shop together and explore. Take your time, talk to the assistants. See what’s popular and what sparks your interest. Whether you settle on new lingerie, a vibrator, a cock ring or something more adventurous like a paddle, blindfold or heat-controlled wax candles to pour on each other. 
  6. Tease and please. Don’t jump straight to the penetration. Make the act last as long as possible and focus on foreplay. 
  7. Kiss and hug, lick and suck, do whatever you can tell is enjoyable for them. Some people love to be held right after the climax, other people need to have some space.

    With these tips hopefully, you know how to touch a lady and can feel out the rest.

Lexi xx

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